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Heavendesigners is your ultimate go to if you are looking for refurnishing and complete Kitchen designing, sprucing up your home as well office interior, Retail store designing and Furniture designing. We provide interior consultation at affordable price with our very own interior consultant!

It is not always those who are always rich and influential celebs who opt for interior designer solutions! We at Heaven designs have made getting interior decoration done within the reach of a common man. Our aim is to create unique interiors that allow others to distinguish our work over all other designers or companies.

We are Desirably Affordable

We also offer consultation at minimal charges. Our consultation includes customized plans for your home décor including matching furniture including beds and sanity ware. We make plans matching your taste and sense of style. Our in-house stylists get to work immediately after approving the plan for you. Whether you want an Italian elegant and chic look or want to go in for bohemian décor; we specialize in turning your vision of your dream house into reality!

Our in-house experts are the best and also adept in offering you different color palette and choosing from it on your behalf! We provide a variety of color options giving an aesthetic treat to your eyes! Whether you want all sophisticated shades of whites, creams, beiges, earthly tones of browns or the pastel shades, we have it all!

Our Specialization

We give your home a complete makeover of which you haven’t imagined! Also, we are capable of providing luxurious variety of home furnishings keeping in mind your style preferences. We at Heaven interiors create and curate to only bring the best of all!

Designing can be therapeutic, so browse through our catalogue to select your furniture to match your walls with. You can either choose it for yourself or let our experts choose shades of your room walls to go with the interiors of your home.

Choose Your Happy Place !

You can also give us the entire project including consultation and leave all the charge on us. We will produce a customized plan of your makeover with the help of our in-house architect and will refurnish your house giving it a new look! We provide quality assurance and take guarantee of crafts and materials. We deliver authentic materials whether it’s a piece of furniture or any item related to décor.







Heaven Designer is an award winning company with a reputation for consistent innovation at the highest level of design.

Interior designer in Raurkela

It is a dream of many to own their own home and be an interior designer. But it seems that the job scenario for such professionals is not what they had expected. So many people wanted to become an interior designer and work with famous architects but the work is too demanding and it seems that only few get to fulfill their dreams. This whole scenario has put Raurupela residents on the lookout for a good interior designing professional.

An interior designer in Raurkela could arrange the interiors of the rooms inside your house into unique designs and shapes. You can let the expert take the responsibility of decorating your living or dining room. The other important thing is that you don’t have to do all the designing work by yourself. You need not be afraid of any task that’s involved in the project as interior designers working in Raurkela offer their services to their clients and make sure they complete the project successfully.

Rauru Karri is one of the best interior designers in Raurkela. The firm has been in this field for more than 35 years. Their expertise is not limited to designing homes only, they are capable of doing all sorts of projects in industrial estates also. The firm specializes in planning and designing of buildings and other sites. Even if the client wants a simple plan for their office, they give it a great shape without affecting its functionality.

The company provides its clients with the latest trends in the designing industry, helping them to provide their clients with an effective house plan so that they can successfully market their brand and their product. The designing department here in Raurkela takes care of all the details from preparing the building plan, making the interior and exterior fixtures, purchasing the furniture to the finishing touch. The firm further helps its customers to choose the colors and materials for the interior of their homes.

There are various types of people who approach Raurkela as their interior designer. They include individuals who want to create a simple plan for their home, individuals who have an idea about interior designing but do not have much idea about how exactly they would go about it, and companies that have an experienced team of interior designers on board. However, when it comes to individuals who want to create a simple plan for their house, Raurkela proves itself to be a great choice. The city has a number of facilities that allow you to live in the city comfortably, such as transport and entertainment options. If you are an art lover and love to create an artistic ambiance in your surroundings, then Raurkela can turn out to be a wonderful place for you to stay.

If you are looking to spend your summer vacation in a picturesque and charming area of Rajasthan, then you should definitely opt for a house in Raurkela. You will find a number of rental properties and bungalows available in the city. However, if you are looking to hire an interior designer for your house, it is best if you approach an established and renowned firm. These firms have a number of talented individuals who can design and develop your property so that it looks attractive and elegant. Since these companies have offices across the country, you can get the best advice and assistance from them.

When it comes to finding a reliable interior designer in Raurkela, it is best advised that you approach professionals who are committed to creating a beautiful environment for you to live. The experts at these companies will make sure that your house is well maintained, spacious and neat. Since there are a number of advantages of hiring the services of a professional interior designer in Raurkela, most of the residents look forward to hiring their services. However, before selecting any particular company, you should conduct some research as to ensure that you are hiring the best in the business.

When searching for an interior designer in Raurkela, it is important to check their professional experience, specialization and portfolio. The rates charged by these designers also vary. Some interior designers charge higher rates than others and it is important that you select one who fits your budget. Before making the final decision, it is important to do adequate research and find the best interior designers in Raurkela who can meet all your expectations.