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Heavendesigners is your ultimate go to if you are looking for refurnishing and complete Kitchen designing, sprucing up your home as well office interior, Retail store designing and Furniture designing. We provide interior consultation at affordable price with our very own interior consultant!

It is not always those who are always rich and influential celebs who opt for interior designer solutions! We at Heaven designs have made getting interior decoration done within the reach of a common man. Our aim is to create unique interiors that allow others to distinguish our work over all other designers or companies.

We are Desirably Affordable

We also offer consultation at minimal charges. Our consultation includes customized plans for your home décor including matching furniture including beds and sanity ware. We make plans matching your taste and sense of style. Our in-house stylists get to work immediately after approving the plan for you. Whether you want an Italian elegant and chic look or want to go in for bohemian décor; we specialize in turning your vision of your dream house into reality!

Our in-house experts are the best and also adept in offering you different color palette and choosing from it on your behalf! We provide a variety of color options giving an aesthetic treat to your eyes! Whether you want all sophisticated shades of whites, creams, beiges, earthly tones of browns or the pastel shades, we have it all!

Our Specialization

We give your home a complete makeover of which you haven’t imagined! Also, we are capable of providing luxurious variety of home furnishings keeping in mind your style preferences. We at Heaven interiors create and curate to only bring the best of all!

Designing can be therapeutic, so browse through our catalogue to select your furniture to match your walls with. You can either choose it for yourself or let our experts choose shades of your room walls to go with the interiors of your home.

Choose Your Happy Place !

You can also give us the entire project including consultation and leave all the charge on us. We will produce a customized plan of your makeover with the help of our in-house architect and will refurnish your house giving it a new look! We provide quality assurance and take guarantee of crafts and materials. We deliver authentic materials whether it’s a piece of furniture or any item related to décor.







Heaven Designer is an award winning company with a reputation for consistent innovation at the highest level of design.

Interior designer in Bellary

An interior designer, commonly referred to as an interior architect, would not only perfect your design down to its purest essence but also could help select a practical layout for a space. Interior design firms can also come in handy during the pre-construction stage to carefully plan out rooms and spaces, and assist design and redecorate existing ones, and create new spaces that would be practical and aesthetically pleasing. Interior designers could be found in many forms such as individual practicing one’s art, or large firms providing such services. The most common amongst the two though, is the freelancer.

A freelance interior designer in Bellary would primarily work from home, allowing them to work independently than an interior designer in a firm, where they would be located by a manager. They work closely with architects, planning out each project, and liaising with clients and the relevant authority to make sure their ideas are followed to a tee. This gives them a distinct edge, and if hired by a client, could lead to a lucrative and rewarding career in the residential property industry. It’s important to understand what they do before hiring one to ensure you get exactly what you need.

There are two main styles of home interior designers that you could hire, depending on your budget and needs. Freelance home interior designers can work in a variety of different styles, such as classical, modern, contemporary, country and eclectic. Generally, they will begin their work by carrying out some research on your current ideas, drawing inspiration from existing designs to give you something new to start off with. If you want a more radical change then they can create a blueprint for your space, which will include measurements and more ideas for the furniture and accessories. They will take the blueprint to your chosen design studio, where they will then work with you to give you the best advice possible about achieving the space you have in mind.

An interesting career opportunity for people living in Bellary is as a property consultant. Property consultants are experts in creating residential environments. They use their knowledge to help create a number of settings, ranging from luxury estates through to farmhouses and cottages. They will work with you to ensure the space you have identified as the ideal setting suits your needs and wants perfectly. As well as carrying out this role on behalf of the client, property consultants may also work on their own, providing unique services to their own clients. This type of professional can prove highly beneficial when it comes to choosing the ideal Bellary apartments for sale, helping them identify the perfect set up for any given space.

Another great field to consider for your Bellary luxury apartments for sale is a sous vide specialist. A sous vide specialist is trained in the techniques used to cook food in order to ensure that all of its nutritional content is maintained. This means that any foods served in Bellary hotels are able to retain all of their classic flavour and taste, whilst presenting no risk whatsoever to those who are unable to properly digest certain foods. If you are looking for an exciting career, or would simply like to go into a career that is unique and offers a lot of scope, then you should consider becoming a sous vide specialist in Bellary. This is because this type of professional will work exclusively with Bellary hotels and holiday cottages, ensuring that everything provided within the room is perfectly safe for guests to consume.

Interior designers in Bellary may choose to specialise in creating bespoke kitchens. These bespoke kitchen spaces will be created in a manner that adheres to specific rules and regulations. The most common regulations apply to restaurants, whereby every single dish must be edible and there should be enough food for everyone to eat safely. This applies to a luxury apartment for sale in Bellary as well, where a designer may choose to create an entirely bespoke kitchen space for clients.

Interior designers in Bellary also work to create a number of other spaces within a home. These can include sun lounges, play areas for children or a relaxation area in the form of a spa. One Bellary interior designers will even use a combination of different techniques to create a relaxing atmosphere in a sun lounge: an indoor/outdoor patio; and a sunken area for soaking in the sun. Souvenir hunters may also come across an interior designer who creates a bespoke gallery space for displaying their wares and curiosities. The same can be achieved in the creation of a relaxation space, such as a sun room, which will allow the owner to enjoy the benefits of being indoors, while still being able to interact with nature.

Interior designers in Bellary offer a host of other services, including home improvement and commercial designs. Those working in this industry can therefore tailor all of their services to meet the needs of all customers, be they residential, commercial or social. For anyone searching for a new location for their business or a new home for themselves, Bellary’s interior design professionals can offer a plethora of different options to suit any customer.