How To Use Epilator On Face

If you’re a beginner, look for a “wet and dry” device, since you can use it in the shower and the removed hair goes right down the drain. Except for face, you can easily use this epilator for bikini lines, underarms, and areas around the legs.

Epistick Epilator Facial Hair Removal Tool Complete

But an epilator doesn’t use wax.

How to use epilator on face. Hi there, let me first guess why you would want to do that. Alternatively, many women are using bikini trimmers as well. Instead, it plucks away hair as you move the device over different parts of your body.

The philips satinelle prestige wet & dry epilator, for example, is cordless and can be used both in and out of the shower to provide you with the utmost comfort. There are 2 types of epilators—dry models and wet models (which can also be used dry). Additionally it is manufactured with antimicrobial safety to prevent the excess bacteria caused by epilating.

Rachel (author) from united states on april 27, 2015: I love how simple they are once you know how to use them. Some epilator heads are too large for the face, so it’s harder to navigate around the nose, eyes, and mouths.

Also, you don’t need to wait until the hairs are too long. It removes the hair and you don’t have to regularly put your skin under stress which can lead to discomfort or irritation.”. But i'm scared of using the same epilator on my body, because if i use the epilator on my face, will the germs/bacteria from my other body parts stay on the epilator blades and break out my face?

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Now, a lot of people have a question if they can use the epilator on the face and the answer to this question varies. Obvious reason would be to keep a smooth face for as long as possible without going for expensive laser option. This will reduce pain and make the use of an epilator smoother.

When epilating your face, use one hand to stretch the skin and the other hand to hold your epilator at an angle of 90 degrees. Glide smoothly and gently against the direction of your hair growth. Giving a simple answer, we can’t say that you can use the epilator on your face if you have an epilator that supports facial epilating.

Over time, the hairs grow slower and finer than before. When choosing your epilator, try to find one that you can use in the shower. Usually epilators come with accessories like facial caps that you can put over the head to make it smaller for the face.

If you did not experience hair pull, do it again and apply a little pressure if it suits, continues. It is emjoi’s effective epilator with ergonomic shape. There are a few different types of epilators which you can use on your face.

Now, it doesn’t matter if you are a man or woman, there is always an option. She said, “the best way to remove facial hair is to opt for facial laser hair removal. It’s definitely the first step.

How to use an epilator on your face. Wider head can be difficult to use on the face. The best epilator for face hair on the market right now is the braun facespa pro, which is a 3 in 1 epilator, facial cleanser and skin toner.

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Move the epilator in the direction of the facial hair growth on your face. You can use most normal epilators on your face, but it’s not always ideal. On the other hand, waxing is more painful and the hairs must be too long to wax.

The second best epilator for face hair is the remington smooth & silky facial epilator. For me, it's once a week. Like the others in the.

Painful, but again, this is because it actually pulls hairs out well. Use a cleanser and exfoliate your face before use. Rounding out our top three best facial epilators is the emjoi epi slim epilator.

In contrast by using a facial epilator, it will seemlesley glide across your face and pull out your facial hair from the root. Best budget epilator for face: Many ladies choose to use a coil epilator instead of an electric one.

You could use a coil epilator. Use a “wet and dry” epilator for the most convenient and painless approach. They are quite limited, however do very good job when it comes to face.

That’s why i like epilating more than waxing. As previously said, epilating while showering can help reduce any epilator pain by opening the pores. I've epilated my face once and i was happy with the results.

If you’ve never used an epilator before or you just need an epilator for face only, the emjoi epi slim is the best place to start. If you’re searching for something that you would use only on face, coil epilator could be just what you need. I’ve seen how some girls pick up the cheap version of some beauty products because the branded and better ones are costly (the difference.

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So, ladies, use that epilator on your face without any worries but do keep in mind dr sethi’s recommendations! An epilator works similar to waxing, in that it removes hair by the roots.

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