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I am not prone to liking oracle cards but when i saw these in a local bookstore, of course, i had to check them out. Third eye chakra, from the angel therapy oracle card deck, by doreen virtue, ph.d third eye chakra:

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Welcome to blog, as a reader you may have noticed you have angel cards and oracle cards, both are very different and im about to explain why and the variety of different oracle decks out there.

How to use angel oracle cards. General oracle card reading tips for beginners. * work with the colours of each card. You do not need a deck of oracle/angel cards at the start of the course.

Overall, it is very accessible to those of different backgrounds. Should you wish to use the same deck i. * you can light a candle and create a sacred time if you wish to work with the cards or simply shuffle the deck trusting the angels will bring you the blessings you need.

They’re based upon pythagorean numerology, which teaches that numbers and images all vibrate in a very precise, mathematical manner. Messages from your animal spirit guides oracle cards: You have angel oracle cards, goddess cards, animal cards, traditional tarot cards, lenormand cards, psychic intuition cards, law of attraction cards, sacred geometry cards, mandala cards, wisdom oracles.

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Many people know about a tarot deck but fewer people know about an oracle deck. Archangel raphael ~ third eye chakra. Everyone has a soulmate and there is someone out there that is looking strictly for you.

You will learn to be the oracle yourself, you will learn to connect your energy with the energy of the oracle cards and you will become a conduit for spiritual guidance, wisdom and knowledge. It seems crazy that there is one person in your life that is meant for you. When it comes to choosing which oracle cards to work with, there are soooo many choices!

After the video choosing your first deck in section 4, however, it's then beneficial to have a deck so you can continue the course, working and connecting with your deck, and practising the various exercises throughout the course. “it is safe for you to see the energy of love in all of its forms, such as angels, auras, and visions.”. How to use the free guides and angels oracle cards.

This card comes to you in response to your questions about…. Ask a question to the angel oracle cards and keep it in mind whilst you complete step two. Top 7 best oracle card decks for beginners.

Cleaning your angel or oracle playing cards is a crucial first step to take earlier than you start utilizing them for readings, as they could have absorbed power throughout manufacturing, within the retailer, or in transit on their solution to you. How to use the cards…. This will be someone that will not be there forever, but it will be someone that is worth the pain.

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Best oracle cards & how to choose an oracle card deck! It’s impossible to make a mistake when using oracle cards because they operate within the infallible law of attraction. Cleansing your angel or oracle cards is an important first step to take before you begin using them for readings, as they may have absorbed energy during manufacturing, in the store, or in transit on their way to you.

In this course you will connect with 22 different angels and archangels and you will meet them all individually so that you can make a special heart. These cards are beautifully simple and great for beginners, making this deck appropriate even for children to use.the advice from these cards and guidebook is clear and gentle. Angel tarot cards, by radleigh valentine.

Titania’s fortune cards, by titania hardie. * cleanse the cards with your heart felt intentions calling upon the angels to surround, guide and protect you. In addition to the tarot, i also use the fallen angel oracle cards created by nigel suckling.

Store your cards in a sacred place. Differences between the tarot and oracle decks … 3 tips on reading oracle cards 1.

Using angel cards, oracle cards and tarot cards in a reading. Because angel and other oracle cards come in many shapes, sizes, and uses, it is important to get to know each deck and its unique energy. These spiritual decks are often grouped together and labeled oracle cards.

There are some distinct differences between the two and learning the distinctions will help you in reading an oracle deck. Step one close your eyes take a deep breath and silently ask your angels and guides to show you the message which is most important to you. Yet, many professional mediums like using an oracle deck to do intuitive readings.

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It’s also important to regularly cleanse your angel cards once you’ve begun doing readings with them.

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