The handle will be too far from your hand and you will therefore need to hold the actually cable with your hand and push it down the toilet. Manual auger is a simple, yet very useful tool which is capable of getting to even the furthest clogging in your pipe.

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With the other hand on the handle, crank the auger to gently work the cable into the toilet slowly and patiently, because too much force can cause the cable to double back.

How to use a hand toilet auger. To unclog your toilet using an auger, also known as a closet auger, all you need is to gently insert the auger cable into your drain, spin it as it breaks through, or catches the clog, pull it out, and finally flush to clear the blockage. For this, if the clogging is at a great spread then you should use a toilet auger. Hold the toilet auger housing with one hand and use the other hand to crank the.

2020 how does a drain auger work? How to use a toilet snake properly | clogged blocked toilet repair using toilet. Use one hand to hold the toilet auger housing and keep it in place.

Extend a length of two to three feet of cable from the drum (spool). It has a piercer on the far end of the tool and a handle which you can use to control the piercer and drill through the material which is blocking the pipe. Auger is used to unclogging or removing obstacle what may.

It functions differently than power auger and is commonly used in households. With the other hand on the handle, crank the auger to gently work the cable into the toilet drain. Toilet augers are great because they do double duty.

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Work slowly and patiently, because too much force can cause the cable to double back on itself rather than move through the drain. How to use a toilet auger. Once you are sure that the auger is positioned in alignment with the drain, you need to push the cable through the toilet while turning it clockwise.

This is a long tool designed for toilets that has a cable on end, which is meant to get into the toilet’s trap way and get rid of the clog. Use one hand to hold the toilet auger housing and keep it in place. Plumber’s snakes work by entering the drain directly to physically contact and then clear away the obstruction causing the clog.

Conclusion how does a toilet auger work to unclog a toilet isn’t rocket science. Working the first length by hand prevents the cable coming out unexpectedly while rotating, and allow the user to feel around corners and know if the obstruction is encountered. A good quality 6 foot toilet auger costs about $64 while a 3 foot toilet auger cost around $30.

Insert the spring end of the auger into the toilet and down the pipe. Position the auger in the toilet and gently twist and push the flexible cord through the toilet (approximately 3 feet). Even though toilet augers look like a tricky device, they’re easy to use.

Once you've made contact with the clog, either force the object deeper into the larger piping system beyond the toilet's internal pipes, or pull the object out of the toilet. As your rotate your auger, it cleans up the insides of your pipes. Insert its guide tip, while making sure the curve is facing the direction of the drain.

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Keep the auger’s screw taut before continuing. A snake is a straight piece of plastic that goes into your toilet bowl and can remove very basic clogs. What’s nice about the toilet auger is that you can also use it to get rid of clogs that have moved.

If you have a family with kids you definitely need an auger. Pull up the handle so that the cable end is close to the bottom of the auger tube’s curved end to make feeding the tube in easier and to stop the toilet bowl from getting scratched. A toilet auger also referred to as a toilet snake, is a toilet unclogger tool that is more powerful than a regular plunger.

Feed this by hand into the overflow drain or exposed trap entry. A hand auger can be operated by 1 or 2 people. Although the auger has a cranking handle, you can’t start cranking right away.

While holding the toilet auger housing with one hand to keep it in place, hold the handle with your other hand and crank the auger to push the cable into the drain. Move the coiled extension deeper into the toilet by spinning the handle. The spruce describes how to use a toilet auger using the following steps:

The toilet auger does it more efficiently than the toilet plunger. The flexible cable in a toilet auger is fed through the toilet drain using a hand crank, and the sturdy head of the cable is designed to dislodge tough clogs.8. We recommend you rotate as much as.

This is best if you only have 1 or 2 holes to dig, because it takes a lot of work to turn the handle. In further text, we will focus on the. A power auger uses a gasoline engine to turn the auger, but it can be dangerous if it runs into a rock or other obstruction.

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Keep doing this until you reach the clog. Once you find that you can no longer turn the auger cable clockwise, begin pushing the cable forward. While holding the plastic tube with one hand, start pushing the auger cable inside the toilet with your other hand.

The amount of money you will save on calling a plumber is huge if you buy your own toilet auger. What is a toilet auger?

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