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How To Tell If You Have A Cavity Wall

A cavity wall is made up of two walls with a gap in between, known as the cavity; If you’re not sure about the age of your house, another simple way to tell is by looking at the brick pattern of you outside walls.

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If your walls have slightly recessed joints or the rendering looks like it.

How to tell if you have a cavity wall. Check exposed brickwork to determine if you have cavity walls. Even if you don’t have a cavity wall, you can still get warmer! My house was built approx 1910 and i dont have cavities in the external walls.

The positioning of the bricks in each line. Another way in which you can check if you have cavity wall is by measuring the thickness of your external walls. Here are 3 easy ways to figure out if you have mice living in your walls.

You can usually recognise a cavity wall visually, as they are wider than solid walls, and the exposed brickwork will all be of equal length. A reasonable conclusion is that the entire wall has insulation. Cavity walls have an even brick pattern, with the long side of the bricks facing out.

Cavity walls will have an even brick pattern like the one shown below, with the long sides of the bricks visible: Cavity wall insulation is usually much cheaper and faster than the equivalent job on a solid wall, and the chances are that if a cavity wall is able to have insulation, it already will have it. Mice scratching and chewing in the walls can sound as if the source of the noise should be bigger than a raccoon rummaging around in there.

We have been helping homeowners up and down the country just like you get their home back to how it should be since 1988. People generally started to build houses with empty cavity walls in the 1920s (although some houses were built with them as early as the 1900’s). The cavity size should be in between 4 to 10cm.

How to tell if you have a to tell if you have cavities.if all else fails, you can use the age of your house as a guide.if it was built before 1920, it is likely that it has solid walls. Insulation that runs the entire length of the wall cavity will get caught in the hole saw. Find out more about cavity wall insulation removal.

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If a brick wall is more than 10 inches thick, it's probably a cavity wall. If the wall is more than 260mm thick, it is most likely a cavity wall.if they have been laid in such a way that you have one brick laid lengthways and then next to it you have one brick that has been laid width ways then this is a good sign that the wall is solid.if you have cavity wall insulation already and are worried that there is a problem with it then you can contact ciga to check whether your guarantee. You could also use a wire clothes hanger with the end bent into a hook to.

The kitchen was added around 1977 and has since had cavity wall insulation, and the difference in room temperature is immense between the kitchen and the rest of the property. In a cavity wall, all of the bricks are 'stretchers' i.e. A solid wall has no cavity;

Every brick of a cavity wall is laid lengthways, top to tail, in a clear, uniform pattern. Take look at the pattern of the bricks on the outside wall of your house. The simplest way to tell if your house has cavity or solid walls is usually by looking at the pattern of the brickwork.

Type in your postcode and select your property to download your epc. Go to a window or door on one of your external walls, and take a measurement there. The simplest way to find out if you have a cavity wall type is to check the energy performance certificate (epc) of your property, if you have one.

If your home has cavity walls, the bricks will usually have a regular pattern. Check the windows and doorways: Similarly, you may ask, how can you tell if you have cavity walls?

If your house was built after the 1920s, it is likely to have cavity walls. Can anyone tell me are there any alternatives to cavity wall insulation. The easiest way to tell which kind you have is by looking at the brick pattern.

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If you’re experiencing issues and need your cavity wall insulation removing, please don’t hesitate to call us today on 0800 158 3605 or contact us here. A way to tell if you have a cavity wall or not is to check the brickwork on the outside of your home. Do i have cavity walls?

Before you decide to have your cavity walls insulated, you need to know whether or not your property has them. If the brickwork has been covered by render, you can also tell by measuring the width of the wall. The outer leaf is usually made of brick, and the inner layer of brick or concrete block.

If you’re still not sure if your property has cavity walls, check exposed brickwork. To measure the thickness, open up window or front/back door and measure from the wall. If all the brickwork in your home has been rendered or cladded so you can't see any actual bricks, you may be able to tell from the thickness of the outer walls.

One clue is the age of your house. Unlike the cavity wall shown below which only consists of bricks laid lengthways. If your home has solid walls, then the brick pattern is likely to look like this.

The last point to note before you have cavity wall insulation installed in your home is that despite being offered a 25 year guarantee backed by ciga (cavity installers guarantee agency) if you have or need your cavity wall ties replaced, it may invalidate the guarantee. Due to the cavity (empty space) between the external and internal wall, cavity walls will be thicker than a usual solid wall. The way that you can tell if your wall has a cavity that will be suited to this insulation type is to look at a wall and see the brick pattern.this includes having unfilled external cavity walls, having a cavity of at least 50mm wide, your masonry or brickwork.use a tape measure at a door or window to measure the distance between the outside wall and the inside wall.

If your wall has a regular pattern like this then your home is more than likely to have cavity walls. If it was built more recently, chances are it has cavity walls. Each wall is a single solid wall, usually made of brick or stone.

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If you see no insulation, you can extend an inspection scope into the wall cavity and look upward for insulation. Go to and select “retrieve report using property address”.

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