Start at the top of the foot where the foot connects with the ankle, take the tape under the foot, back up, and around the back of the ankle. Use your hands to press the tape down and get a good bond, check the movement of the ankle so that you know the tape is doing the job you want and all going well with a bit of practice you should be able to complete an ankle taping in around 90 second.

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So, size the strip before the cut.

How to tape an ankle step by step. Angle the tape towards the front of your shin and apply it using 80% stretch. To apply the kinesiology tape on the ankle, take two tapes with a length of 20 cm each and one tape with a length of 40 cm. Learn how to tape an ankle for sport, support and to prevent injury in 90seconds!

Guide the tape diagonally up the foot…. Finishing off to cover all the skin with three anchors so that the ankle job is nice and secure. Step by step instructions for how to properly tape an ankle.

This ankle technique is commonly used by many elite level soccer players, as the direction of the tape applied can help prevent an inversion injury. If you are looking to maximise the support of your ankle with taping, then the basketweave ankle taping technique is for you. How to store shoes read more » george p.h.

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For best tape adhesion, make sure the ankle is shaved of any hair and that moisturisers or creams are washed off 2. Watch rohan as he tapes an ankle step by step, starting from where to put the tape, which direction to put the tape and the best type of tape to use. Cut the tape at the required size if it comes altogether on a roll.

How to warm up before running read more » george p.h. Follow this step by step guide for inversion sprains, using coloured tapes. How do you strap an ankle step by step?

Inspect and prepare the skin. How to pack shoes for moving Anchor the tape just ahead of your inside ankle bone with no stretch.

Lay down the end of the tape with no stretch. Round the corners, so that the tape comes off less quickly from your skin later. You would like as little distance between the tape and skin as feasible.

Continue the step by taking the tape from the lower of your foot and reach it under the arch direction and return the tape to your ankle. Next, stretch the ankle to approximately 50% of its full power and roll the tape under the ankle and continue until you reach the other side. Hold here whilst taping as this position protects the ankle ligaments the most 3.

The next step will be to create heellocks, this step also provides the ankle with more support.the tape should cover the whole area of your heel and ankle, going underneath.these are called cover strips.use your hands to conform the tape to the ankle and then check the movement of the ankle with the athlete. Preformed by a certified athletic trainer. The first full strip should be placed between two and three inches above the ankle.

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How to kt tape an ankle: This ankle taping is commonly used to give support for return to sport after ankle sprains, ankle fractures and ankle dislocations. Apply the tape in two figure eight patterns on each side of the ankle.

The tape should cover the whole area of your heel and ankle, going underneath. Take one full length piece of tape (about 10 inches) and cut it in half, rounding the corners, so you have two pieces that are each about 5 inches in length. Observe for any areas of irritation, infection or damage that could be made worse with the addition of tape.

The tape should end up where you started it. Position the ankle so that it is pulled up towards the shin bone. Take a piece of kinesio tape, and start on the outside of the ankle, about 4 to 6 inches above the ankle.

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