Insert the comb to the loc, start from the root, then twist downward in the clockwise direction until the loc is. But remember, when your locs begin to mature, they will end up more (actually lot) thicker than the beginning.

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Starting your locs with the twist & rip method will give you a frizzy and messy look for a long time.

How to start locs at home. Don’t wait too long before starting your locs! Starting locs with two strand twists locs can be started with two strand twists with as little as 4 inches of hair, and it is often the go to method for longer hair or highly textured hair. Section your hair according to the lock size of your choice starting from the nape, forming a square at the base.

When starting locs, you have to take into consideration, the density of the hair, curl pattern, and hair texture. There are many different ways of getting started. Start with the locs at the back (around your nape) pull one baby loc with your fingers and spritz some water on it.

The process to start your locs with t&r can be very time consuming and painful on your scalp. The method depends on your preference. Secure the sections with elastic bands.

The coils are very fragile and so they are easy to lose out, especially with an active lifestyle. For those with bone straight hair, freeform locs probably aren’t your best option. It could take anywhere from 6 months to 2 years.

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But, don’t let that put you off as maintenance will get easier at every stage. If you’re wondering how to start locs then you should know that you’re in for a long ride! Finding a loctician to start your locs is always a good place to begin.

With organic locks, you would start off with all natural hair, usually short to medium length. Disadvantages of starting your locs with two strand twists. The great spiral motion produces nice round locs.

I have seen many of the locs wearer unhappy with the huge and thick locs. This method is easy and can be started at home. Good if you have long hair.

Easy to start, many start their own locs at home. Before your hair locs completely you will need to be very patient and take good care of your starter locs. Smaller braids allow for a lot of styling versatility.

Great for hair of any length, 2 inches and above. However, starting locs at home can be done if you follow a few rules that keep your hair from breaking during the process. The method is moderate to start and can be done at home with a comb or with your fingers;

Shorter locs are easier to maintain and keep on the right path than 3 or more inches of hair, so start the locking process early and let your tresses grow into the long, luscious locks you want. There are several ways you can start your locs. Start your locs journey with two strand twists.

Dab your fingers into the dreadlocks tightening gel or wax, and apply it to your loc from root to tip. I successfully started my own braidlocs (or as i like to call ’em, bradelocz), and so have many others. The braid pattern takes at least a year to two years to disappear.

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Typically the hair is just washed and allowed to form into locs on its own, but some start with the “rub method” where you use your hand or a damp cloth to rub your hair in a circular motion until it separates into chunks. Starting braidlocs isn’t hard to do at all, provided you know how to braid/plait, or know someone else who can do it for you. There are the freeform locs which are allowed to grow as nature wants them to (like dreadlocks).

( i got my first instillation by a professional loctician) locs will turn out thick. “i recommend seeing a professional to start your locs if you are looking for a neat loc, and want to avoid the damage that can happen when locs are started incorrectly. Or perhaps you aren’t sure if you really want locs.

You can try to palm roll to tame the frizz but it’s going to look wild for some time. The 7 methods to start locs. Some people are very detailed and exact in there sizes of locs, others are not.

This method does not work well with really long hair as it will take longer to be formed into a loc. It could take longer for your twist pattern to disappear. Comb the hair upwards towards the scalp until it begins to stack up.

There are four main phases to loc growth: Sit back, relax, and be patient, because they take a while. Basically, there are two “types” of locs.

The budding phase, the baby lock phase, the teenage phase, and the mature loc phase. Starter locs, also known as ‘baby locs’, are the beginning phase of locking your hair.

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