How To Ship A Guitar In A Hard Case


We do not recommend shipping a guitar that is not secured in a case. A hardshell case is more crush resistant than a bag.

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Here’s how we do it:

How to ship a guitar in a hard case. Remove anything from the case that you don’t need to include. Premium cloth psychedelic paisley pink/red case fits strat®. The case should be filled with newspaper and bubble wrap such that the guitar doesn’t shift or move around.

First, carefully extract the endpin and put it in your case’s string compartment. Unless you want a damaged case or, worse, a damaged guitar, as well as bad feedback, i recommend a cardboard guitar shipping box. If the rear end of your guitar were to take a hard whack during shipping, the endpin would bear the brunt of the impact, and the instrument could end up with rib cracks spreading out from the endblock—no fun!

1.1 how to secure a guitar in a shipping box. It cost me $50 dollars to ship a jazzmaster in a hardshell case coast to coast about a week ago with ups insured at $1000 with signature. Wait and let the seller handle it.

Zone 6, delivery up to 5 days, dim weight of 60 lbs, ship cost $47.80 (not including fees) We spare no detail and provide quality work on every order. Guitar, 20 lbs, 52” x 20” x 8” guitar box:

The key to safely shipping your guitar is stability (the less it moves, the better) and that all starts by securing the guitar inside of its case. Ups and parcelforce are two courier to consider for posting a guitar. 1.1.2 secure your any movable parts.

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Here is an example of how shipping pans out for a guitar using usps and ups. 1 how to ship a guitar without a case. Your craft is creating guitars.

Create a shipment at your local fedex office with your shipping information and a payment method. 1.1.3 do a “shake test” before sending your guitar off. In my case the dealer offered to knock off $850 just to not have to hassle with ups and i accepted the deal.

The strings should be loosened, moving parts should be removed and placed in a separate compartment, the fretboard should be protected with newspaper and the headstock should be secured. Through ups and ups capital insurance, our service quality and insurance provide the highest level of concierge shipping available for luthiers, buyers, sellers and manufacturers. Ship guitars offers door to door service worldwide.

Usually, a guitar in a hardshell case will cost you somewhere between $100 and $150 to ship within the us, while guitar in a gig bag costs around $85, depending on the destination, of course. Pack and ship at a fedex office location. Once your guitar and hard case are securely packaged into a cardboard box, it’s time to get your tape measure and scales out.

Follow the same principles as above. Place the guitar in a hard case or soft case with adequate cushioning. However, there are several factors that you also have to consider when shipping a guitar that could affect the price.

For instance, if a car backs over your case (an unfortunate but common bit of internet folklore) or if you leave your case lying on the floor and someone steps on it, the guitar inside is less likely to be damaged than if it were in a gig bag, especially if it’s an acoustic guitar. If you’re shipping your guitar in a gig bag, it will usually cost about $80 since the package will be much lighter. Taking the neck off for a smaller box wouldn't have an impact as the typical guitar/bass shipping box is under a certain limit and the pricing comes from the weight of the thing being shipped, not box dimensions.

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You will need to enter the parcel dimensions and weight into our online quote form to get parcel delivery prices for posting a guitar. Easiest way to ship a guitar. When you ship a musical instrument, that difference can be major.

The best box to ship them in is guitar boxes, which are usually found free at music shops. Secure guitar in a case. If you have a magnetic soundhole pickup, remove it.

It could become damaged during transit and it doesn’t offer adequate protection from being stacked on. We packed the guitar and case inside a cardboard shipping box surrounded by styrofoam peanuts. If you're sending something that is worth more ($500 or so) and it's in a hard shell case and you actually use packing material around the case, it's going to be in the $30 to $35 range.

There was no damage to the guitar other than being hit so hard some paint got knocked off. A guitar that can move around inside the case is not safe. You can ship a cheap guitar ($250 or less) from chicago to anywhere except the west coast for around $15 to $20 if the box is small enough, via fedex ground.

Stewmac also sells an inventive electric guitar shipping system and acoustic guitar shipping system you might want to consider. If this happens to you do not give the guitar to ups or fedex, even if they ask for it. 1.1.1 consider using a hard shell case.

A set of 3 branded guitar boxes are priced anywhere up to £20. It is really important you don’t ship your instrument just in its hard case; On average, if you’re going to ship a guitar in a hard guitar case, then most of the estimates we received were anywhere from $40 to $115 within the united states, but if you were to use something known as a gig bag, then this could drop the costs to as little as $35 to $75 due to the gig bag weighing much less than a guitar case — often by.

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