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If the wheels fit loosely, then wrap one layer of of masking tape around the end of the dowel before putting the wheels on (picture 2). They should be parallel to the walls, encouraging mice to run inside.

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Pull the trigger back and place the lock bar underneath the baiting platform (be careful not to get your fingers caught, as the trigger is sensitive and can go off.

How to set a mousetrap pic. If you have unwanted guests in your home a traditional mouse trap is just one way to take care of the problem. You have a few different options for bait but peanut butter works the best. Mousetrap set with cheddar cheese on a floor, next to a mouse hole.

Now, your mousetrap is ready to catch the little evil! How to set a mouse trap ( tips from pe. Watch as ace's home expert, shows you how to.

Mouse trap with a piece of paper to display your risky message. Next, you should take the arm bar and move it. Clip shows setting of pic brand mousetrap with peanut butter and a dried cranberry as bait.

Be careful with this step and make sure your fingers are clear, because if the pin slips, the trap hammer will snap over and give your fingers a smack. Remove the staple to enable you to pull back the arm. Once the staple is removed, take the arm bar and hang it back off the trap as shown in the picture below.

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Since mice are generally nocturnal, it's best to set the trap in the evening and leave it overnight. How to use and set the victor metal pedal mouse trap. A mouse trap with cheese on it.

Smart mouse in maze looking for cheese. Place the trap perpendicular to a corner wall with the bait pedal facing the wall. For bait, spread some peanut butter on some crackers and place the food into the trap.

Release the hand pressure slowly and let the snap press upward on the lock bar. Rat and cheese mousetrap, looking from hole to mouse trap. How to set a mousetrap:

Carefully overlap the locking pin, and set the tip so that it holds firm in the hook you made on the trigger pin. Packed 12 per case with 12 service logs and instructions. Get how to set a mousetrap video images.

Easy to set plastic mouse trap can be used again and again. Place bait onto the trigger. Mice love to eat peanut butter and the peanut butter sticks easily to the bait pedal.

Next place bait on the metal bait pedal. Cat staring at a mouse coming out of her hole. Next, fit the large wheels onto the ends of the dowel (picture 1).

This will press upward on the trigger as well. Mice rely on their whiskers and body hair to feel their way around. 24 mouse trap ideas | mouse traps, traps, mouse.

To cock the gun, pull the hammer back in the same way you would set the mousetrap. The sweet smell will be too enticing for a mouse to resist! It should hang over the back of the trap.

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The bait is placed slightly off center, on side opposite the s. A mousetrap set with chocolate bait. If your plan is to set a snap trap, simply follow these steps:

To set the trap, you’ll need to first remove the clip which is securing the kill bar. So, set traps near walls instead of in the middle of the floor. There are other bait options for mice.

Photo of activated mousetrap outside mouse house.

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