How To Set A Cinch Gopher Trap

But you do see the dirt they have dug out to mak… Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users.

The best trap to get rid of gophers & moles Cinch Traps

You typically do not see gophers in your yard because they spend most of their time underground.

How to set a cinch gopher trap. Then open the cinch arm up and slide the trap out of the tunnel, leaving the gopher or mole in the tunnel. Activate the trap and place the cinch arm in the tunnel system. It takes just four easy steps to get your cinch trap ready to put in a mole or gopher tunnel to get rid of the pest for once and all.

Why then would a macabee set in the exit hole not work just as well? Move away mounded dirt, poke around to find hole and clean out loose dirt. Below are several new video clips to help you analyze your gopher and mole trap setting technique and diagnose why you might not always be successfully trapping them.

Set the trap in a fresh hole no more than several days old. I bury the pinch tines in the dirt to hide it from the gopher. Ok, so the cinch trap works on the principle that the gopher comes back up to close the exit hole and gets trapped.

How to set a cinch trap it’s a cinch. After you have caught your bounty the trigger arm, that sits outside of the. Every cinch trap is manufactured in oregon where they take product quality and service very seriously.

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When i am talking about using a gopher trap i am talking about a wire trap. If you are new to mole trapping we suggest you order our deluxe gopher trap kit that includes everything in this kit, gloves, maintenance spray and a tool for clearing the tunnel. Other times nothing since i got them all already.”

Each gopher trap kit contains 3 traps, 3 flags, and an instructional brochure. “i have a number of gopher traps and the cinch traps are the best and fastest to setup for my rural farm. The cinch trapping surface trapping method demonstration watch how to set the cinch trap (2 methods) demonstration watch watch cinch trapping advanced tips.

The initial set up was a little confusing, as the trigger mechanism ships disconnected for safety, but once arming it for the first time, it was easy to set up the other one. When the trap goes off it will give a clear visual with the spring arm sticking up in the air. Cinch traps is the most trusted brand since 1909.

Cinch traps have been a favorite solution for professional trappers, ranchers, farmers, and homeowners for more than 100 years. Gophers cannot escape death klutch. Leave the tunnel open to draw the gopher or mole to the trap.

For easy retrieval, tie a string to the trap and secure the stake above the ground. Easy to set and satisfaction guaranteed. All i've read over the years said the macabee must be set down low in the main runway or you'll never catch gophers.

Cover the hole entirely to set a dark mood for the scenario check regularly for a trapped animal. Hold the trap so the set wires a & b are hanging loose. If you live out in the stick of the midwest as i do, one of the many pests you may run into is gophers.

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This trap works by snapping shut quickly around the neck. Remove enough dirt to allow for 2 traps to be placed in the tunnel system. Pull the trigger wire c back as show in the illustration, the trap is now ready to be set.

Moles are trickier to catch in any trap. Your cinch trap is ready to be placed into the gopher tunnel system. Begin by removing the mound of dirt from a fresh mound and dig down below the surface, usually about 6” to 8” and you will find 2 tunnels going in different directions.

Each deluxe gopher trap kit contains 3 traps, 3 flags, a tunneling tool, gloves, maintenance spray and an instructional dvd. No mess, and the mole was easy to dispose of. The traps come in small, medium, and large sizes.

The gopher tunnel will be open at each end of my hole, and i set a cinch trap, horizontally, into each opening of the tunnel, pointing in opposite directions. If necessary, you can bait the traps. If you just need a single trap then this is the set to order!

The traps need to be used in pairs. Every cinch trap is manufactured in oregon where they take product quality and service very seriously. You don’t know which side of the tunnel the gopher will be coming from so each side of the tunnel needs to have a wire gopher trap in it.

Position your set cinch traps into the tunnel system. Cinch traps mole kits and cinch traps gopher kits can be found here. They are handmade in oregon from galvanized steel and built to last for years to come.

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The gopher will come from one direction or the other to investigate the opening, and i’ll get him. I will often set up six traps and catch five gopher in 24 hours. Use leafy vegetables or dry cat food.

Continue setting the second cinch trap. This is considered as a more humane way of getting rid of pests since everything happens so fast. We caught the mole less than 12 hours after setting the trap.

How to trap a gopher: There are different kinds of gopher traps but i find the wire traps work best.

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How To Set A Cinch Gopher Trap

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