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The buck, which was killed near worm creek, has certainly been enjoyed by many. Vintage photos and memorabilia from the boone and crockett club archives.

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Boone & crockett measures animals taken with a firearm and the minimum is 170 inches.

How to score a mule deer boone and crockett. Some of today’s most respected mule deer experts—guy eastman, jim heffelfinger, miles moretti, ryan hatfield, and wayne van zwoll—collaborated with the boone and crockett club on its newest book, a mule deer retrospective! By definition, a typical mule deer will have four points per side, plus eye guards. Ray talbot was the sheriff of franklin county, idaho when he took this magnificent mule deer in 1961.

Carpenter typical whitetail deer killed in lac la biche, ab, 1998 can you guess the score? Because a mule deer’s average ear width is 20 inches you can use the ears to estimate inside spread and hence main beam length. All scored entries must be scored by a certified tbga scorer or an official boone and crockett scorer.

In 1974, at the 15th north american big game awards program held in atlanta, georgia, burris’ world’s record was confirmed. The boone and crockett club does list the gross score on the official scoring sheet, and they do this to give people a better mental picture of the rack. Nonetheless, a high scoring mule deer is always an achievement and would be icing to any mule deer hunt.

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Here is some background on the boone and crockett record book, instructions on how to measure and score a buck, and information on what it takes for a buck to become a booner. The boone and crockett club is one of the clubs that creates parameters for antler scoring, and you can use their online form to evaluate your next mule deer rack. Please note that the boone and crockett club score charts are protected by copyright laws.

Boone and crockett club® instructions for measuring typical mule and blacktail deer all measurements must be made with a 1/4‑inch wide flexible steel tape to the nearest one‑eighth of an inch. George is a boone and crockett club official scorer and has served as chairman of judges for the 1986 awards, as judge for 1983 and 1998 awards and judge consultant for the 1989 awards. (see answer by clicking to the next slide) a:

Spot another mule deer during the same hunt. If your deer is above those minimums, contact a pro for an official scoring session. A flexible steel cable can be used to measure points and main beams only.) enter fractional figures in eighths, without reduction.

Please note most of the files below are in an image format for easy printing daily hunting summary deer hunting buddies A flexible steel cable can be Boone and crockett club even before record books were invented, hunters have always recorded the sizes and measurements of racks on the deer they killed.

Sportsmen with an eye for the good ol’ days of big game hunting will delight in b&c’s. An idaho record mule deer boone & crockett club. Although these are the instructions for a typical mule deer, you can also find a scorecard for an atypical mule deer on the boone and crockett club website or at your local fish.

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Under the boone and crockett club’s scoring system, the gross score for a typical mule deer is the sum total of measurements of his inside spread, length of his main beams, length of points, and eight mass or circumference measurements. The score charts reproduced in this section are for personal use only and not acceptable for entry in the club's awards program. When measuring several of the bucks in my trophy room, i noticed a trend.

Pictured above is a graphic from the boone and crockett club (b&c) detailing where and how measurements are made. Pope and young concentrates on archery and the minimum for a typical whitetail is 125 inches. Permission has been granted to eric and kerry stacy from the boone and crockett club to place these links and files on this web site.

This chart lists the minimum entry scores for all native north american big game animals recognized by the boone and crockett club.

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