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How To Remove Watch Links Without Pins

Repeat this with the pin on the other side of the link. Now that your timepiece fits your wrist perfectly, it’s time to enjoy it!

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Look at the pins and if there is no specific marking to show which way the pin should be removed and you can see a small metal ring around each end of the pin within the link you probably.

How to remove watch links without pins. If you have a hammer, you can use it to gently push the pin inside. It is a good idea to remove links in multiples of two so links can be removed from each side of the clasp or buckle keeping the watch face centered on your wrist). An hour of searching on youtube later, i found this video and was able to remove the links using a sharp knife (instead of a pin, which i didn’t have!)

Position it in between the two circular grooves that run round the end of the spring bar. This tool is just as simple as the first. Inspect the backside of the links.

Remove the pins from each link using a pin removal tool, a watch screwdriver or needle nose pliers. Links that can be removed are usually marked with a small arrow on the underside. Solid or folded metal bands with a round pin/splint.

He basically bent the link open, then back shut again. You now know how to remove watch links. Make sure that the arrows are pointing away from the pin pusher.

Click here to learn how to remove watch band screw links. In order to remove a spring bar that's fitted into a watch you need to use the wedge shaped screw driver end. Place the watch bracelet in the holder so the arrows are pointing downward.

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Recommended watch link removal kits Locate the pins on the watchband links. If it appears that the band flows into the watch case, and there are no gaps, you probably have end caps.

The small opening across from the arrow. This tool is better for some people to use since the previous one requires you to lay the watch flat. You should notice that the pin is beginning to exit from the opposite side.

This is the video that helped me remove links from my brand new invicta gunmetal strap watch which didn’t have any visible pins. If you are uncertain, turn it over and look from the back. In order to shorten your watch band to the length desired, you will need to remove unrequired links.

Push gently but with pressure into the hole. Unscrew the threaded pin with a jeweler's screwdriver, turning it counterclockwise until it is far enough out of the link for you to remove by hand. Protect your pulsar watch face by laying it face down on the optical cleaning cloth while you are sizing the band.

To see if your watch has end caps, look at the space between the lugs. I'm not sure what the proper way to adjust these, but i was in getting some keys cut and asked the guy if he did watch straps too. The pin pops out in a second.

Insert a diaper pin into the link on the bracelet. Something tells me there's a better way to do this, but not sure. Once you’ve determined how many links to remove and where to remove them from, look for the small arrows on the back of the bracelet links that indicate which way the cotter pin should come out.

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As a guide to determine the appropriate length of the bracelet, you should be able to fit one finger comfortably between the bracelet and your wrist. Line up the two ends of the watch links. Keep it at 90 degrees, and applying a firm pressure, you want to push inwards towards the center of the spring bar.

You will either unscrew or push the pins to remove them from the links. Remove the link and keep the pins safe, as you need them to put the watch band back together. A link with pin and sleeve style attachment is pretty hard to identify but here is a good tip:

Lay the watch on a clean, flat surface that will not scar its face. A watch with end caps will have an extra metal piece at the end of the band. How to remove watch links without pins.

Lay the watch band across the link removal tool (underside up so the arrows are visible). If there is no arrow cast onto any of the links, then your links are held together by threaded watch pins. Repeat this with any additional links that need to be removed.

To do that you will need to remove the pins that are visible on the side of the band in the direction of. Pin and double sleeve links: Remove/resize metal strap watch links with no visible pins.

Determine the number of links you wish to remove and locate the link pin at that position (advice: I have a seiko with similar links to this. B used to connect links a used to remove links i.

Get the pin and push it inside the pin slot. Links that can be removed are usually marked with a small arrow on the underside. This opening is the access point to the removable pin.

You line up the link hole with the pin, and push. If there is no arrow cast onto any of the links, then your links are held together by threaded watch pins. Turn the watch band over.

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These screws signify that the links on the bracelet are removable.

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