How To Remove A Regency Fireplace Insert


When i setup my overnight burn i set it on auto and on high. There are several forms of electric fireplaces.

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I have the feature on the blower where i can set it to auto and it goes on / off when the insert gets hot enough or cools down.

How to remove a regency fireplace insert. Should you have any questions about your product that are not covered in this manual, please contact the regency dealer in your area. Hi bholler, here is another question regarding my regency i3100 wood insert since last month’s fireplace inspection/chimney cleaning i have noticed a huge difference in the amount of logs i use per night to maintain the room temperature plus more often the amount of ashes i have to empty from the firebox. Brush out the liner segment and install everything again.

It's easier than removing a gas insert because it's not necessary to remove or disconnect gas lines. Safety label for i3100l listed factory built fireplace insert certified for use in canada and u.s.a. I want to remove an old wood burning insert and be able to use the existing fireplace as normal.

Regency units are constantly being improved. Fpi fireplace products international ltd. Please keep these instructions for future reference.

Top 6 wood burning fireplace maintenance tasks: Just so you know, fireplace inserts are typically much more efficient, and cleaner burning, then a standard fireplace. Welcome to the regency parts store a division of the cozy cabin stove & fireplace shop.

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We carry a vast selection of regency wood stove, gas stove, pellet stove, wood insert & gas insert parts. Try to understand how the surround or mantel is attached to the wall, whether its with screws, nails, bolts or simply held in place. Sweep the chimney, smoke chamber, etc as a normal fireplace.

The insert is a regency. I removed the trim around the surround but it looks like i need to pull the insert out to be able to remove the three surround panels. We have printed a copy of the contents here for your review.

This will also help to avoid creosote fires while in operation. We strive to provide opinions, articles, discussions and history related to hearth products and in a more general sense, energy issues. Pull any insulation that may be there and carefully pull the liner segment out.

The fireplace is in good shape. Direct connects are a royal pain. For reference i have either a h2100 or i3100l regency model insert.

When i have been waking up in the morning. The edges, bottom and top are all loose but something seems to be stuck at the back of the fire and it is not pulling out. I have also noticed a pipe above the fire but the fireplace was not connected.

Clean flue from creosote buildup. Reconnect the liner and clean up the insert. Please complete the details on the back cover and leave this manual with the homeowner.

So i want to take it off and position it correctly. Should you have any questions about your product that are not covered in this manual, please contact the regency dealer in your area. Remove all of the trim from around the fireplace insert.

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Every year you should have a certified chimney sweep come and clean out the creosote from your flue to ensure it is clear and safe to operate. I am trying to remove a fireplace insert, the gas has been turned off and the trim and fire have been removed. You may have to use a hammer or mallet to break apart the framing materials, then use a crowbar to pry them away.

Removing an old fireplace insert. Check the label on the unit and if there is a difference, the label on the unit is the correct one. My questions concern getting the insert free and removing the flue liner etc.

For a fireplace surround, look for screws. To remove a fireplace surround and mantel: How to remove a gas fireplace insert tile fireplaces are another of the numerous fireplace designs you shall discover.

This may include removing some or all of the brick, rockwork, drywall, and even framing from around the fireplace. Cleaning a regency h2100 fireplace insert. Active since 1995, is the place on the internet for free information and advice about wood stoves, pellet stoves and other energy saving equipment.

For a single mantel by itself without a surround, look for screws either on top of the mantle or underneath, near to the wall. Choose white and you will have got an impeccable fireplace finishing as it’s unique and refined.

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