How To Recruit Lysithea Blue Lions

Lysithea is the eldest daughter and heir to house ordelia. Therefore, lysithea and an archer/dorothea are probably the best recruits.

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C support rank + charm stat between 15 and 20 and a c rank in reason skill.

How to recruit lysithea blue lions. It is best to recruit lorenz to the blue lions house if lysithea is also recruited because they have a paralogue together and its quite beneficial if the player unlocks it. I’d recommend recruiting felix and lysithea if you are going w/ be. Not sure how well she performs in maddening, though, especially since i haven't specifically tried an am maddening run yet.she is nice utility throughout maddening.

She's an extra speed/movement debuff unit along with warp, so her and lysithea make for a nice warp cheese duo. Magic and dexterity.when she goes to the battlefield, she can nuke enemies left and right and perform a double attack. The blue lions definitely aren’t short on cavalry.

Shamir is a fantastic unit so definitely consider her. Monadoguy25 8 months ago #9. You actually do need caspar to unlock mercedes' part two paralouge, which if cleared unlocks an extra scene after your final fight with dk.

For each class i teach in these runs, i plan to recruit at least 2 students from each house (total of 4 student recruited). Lorenz is good for thyrsus, which should just go to lysithea anyway. Having a warper is really useful, even if you don't plan on using it to cheese maps.

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Post time skip are lysithea on black eagles. When it comes to super strong, super frail characters. Lysithea is a playable character in fire emblem:

Other than that, blue lions is easily the best house in terms of combat. When she was two years old, her family suffered retribution from the adrestian empire. Lysithea is a powerhouse with growth rates up to 60 in two stats:

Ferdinand is functionally a cross between sylvain and ingrid and has some interesting things to say on this route (talk to him in chapters 18 and 20). She is a student at the officers academy who is from the leicester alliance and is a member of the golden deer. Lysithea from golden deer is the first unit anyone would want to recruit.

Ingrid, sylvain, and dimitri all work great as cavalry/fliers and if need be ashe would probably make a solid wyvern that you can use like a kinshi knight from fates. I was able to recruit lysithea and dorothea into bl around chapter 5 with this. Lysithea (golden deer) lysithea von cordelia is a name that most dedicated fire emblem:

As you progress through the frankly epic story line, you'll become acquainted with your team of 7 students, 1 lord and 1 main character, byleth. Caspar has a paralogue with mercedes, and mariannes support with dimitri is an absolute must see. Blue lions has only the bffs (annette and mercedes) as spellcasters and lysithea is a welcomed addition, dorothea is the best suited for the dancer job than mercedes if you don't plan to recruit flayn because the latter has a good white magic list at least.

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Best units to recruit in fire emblem: Petra is zippy as hell and makes a great evasion tank. Lysithea is a great choice here.

From the blue lions should be a top priority for anyone looking for a good support. Lysithea is a powerhouse with growth rates up to 60 in two stats: Magic and dexterity.when she goes to the battlefield, she can nuke enemies left and right and perform a double attack.

The canon dlc character for bl. For example, my black eagles run would recruit ashe and mercedes (blue lions) as well as lysithea and lorenz (golden deers) because either of their discontent with the crest system, current nobility, family relations, and others. 9 units in total then, but when certain maps allow you to take more than this,…

Vortex_oblivion 2 years ago #10. It helps to empower lysithea by providing her with thyrsus. Three houses players will be super familiar with.

You should 100% recruit caspar and marianne. One of the best characters in the game. She possesses both a minor crest of charon and a major crest of gloucester.

I guess the problem is that blue lions usually has one person that does something really good at that and usually focus on that like dedue at defending or mercedes with healing, so if i were to say what you could recruit then maybe speciallized casters since you only have anette in this route for it, so lysithea and lorenz are pretty good. Lysithea from golden deer is the first unit anyone would want to recruit. In terms of other recruits, the one thing i would suggest is to get a warp user (lysithea, lindhardt or manuela) since the blue lions are the only house without.

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Additionally, if you want the scythe of sariel you need caspar to beat him in that paralouge. The blue lions, like any other class in fire emblem:

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How To Recruit Lysithea Blue Lions

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