How To Program Crystals For Someone Else

Charging your stone is a way to program it with a specific energy in addition to that which it already holds naturally. It’s important, when gifting someone a pair of selenite harmonizers, to tell them how to use and program their new stones.

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You should use the one you feel is the most effective for you.

How to program crystals for someone else. With one harmonizer in each hand while sitting or lying down, they can meditate, set intentions or just relax and cleanse the spirit. You should choose which method to use by consulting your intuition and thinking about the purpose of the crystal. You can program it to deepen your meditation and restore your spirit to its fullest and highest potential.

Some people like to do it holding the crystal in their hands, others like to meditate with crystals and so on. Lets all give at least 1 of our lovely crystals each away to someone that needs it. How to intuitively buy a crystal for someone else.

Set the intention for your crystal to cleanse and ground your spirit with positivity. Stones that have been used in negative magick should always be cleaned thoroughly before being used for anything else. How to choose a crystal for someone else.

There is always a different method to program crystals and no one is better than the other. This small list will give you an idea of how to think about gemstones and their relationship to your friend, family, or significant other. We have a natural affinity for crystals that are good for us as individuals.

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You can be as specific as you like. Program your crystals to bring peace, harmony, and purification. Meditating with crystals is a very popular practice among castle lovers.

Often, people purchase stones with the intention of gifting them to another who seems to be in need of a particular kind of life adjustment. Once your crystal is programmed, you may then do your crystal meditation with it. Burn a candle or incense.

The consecration also protects the crystal from anyone or anything that is trying to use the crystal without your knowledge. How to program a crystal for someone else sometimes it’s not ourselves that need the healing energy from the crystals in question. With training you can learn everything you need to know about cleansing, dedicating and programming your crystals, following i have given you some simplified ideas to start working with:.

You just purchased it or someone else handled it. So you can dive into that!) write your intention down on a small piece of paper so you can refer to it. For example, you may want to take it easy and connect with your feminine self through the crystal.

It’s important, when gifting someone a pair of selenite harmonizers, to tell them how to use and program their new stones. But this can be especially true when shopping for crystals, which are based on an energetic match. You would likely be uncomfortable working with someone else’s crystal or one that doesn’t suit you.

Here are a couple more ways you can set intentions with crystals: When you purchase a brand new crystal baby, there is no doubt someone touched it before you did even if you purchased it online. Not everyone is easy to please.

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Hi ethan, this article is super interesting because i will program my crystals for the first time today but i was wondering if i can program a crystal for someone else. First clear the crystal by imagining a bright white light (i always envision white light it's. What a great way to share and it only has to be one (or more if you like) to fill the planet with light and joy.

Picking the right gift for someone can be a challenging process! While it is possible to program any type of crystal, stones that are silica based such as quartz crystal, jasper and agate are the easiest to program. Or, if you want to work with your body’s chakra system, match the crystals to the chakras points to increase their energy and support the energy flow in your body.

Before giving the gift of selenite harmonizers, be sure to set your intention for the. Consecrating helps reduce any chance of you or someone else doing this by mistake or intentionally. Great idea, share the joy of crystals the way the universe shares tne joy of them with us.

It also affirms your pure intention is to help yourself and others with the crystal’s divine power. You might also want to cleanse your crystal after it was being handled by someone else. Choose a program for each crystal:

With one harmonizer in each hand while sitting or lying down, they can meditate, set intentions or just relax and cleanse the spirit. I mean, i want to give a crystal to a family member and would like to program it myself to serve my family member. Program your crystals for heaven on earth.

The 52 crystals in this book can help. If you want to give a meditation crystal to someone you love, teach them how to program. Call on angels, guides, ascended masters, etc.

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I mentioned one way to use color for healing was with crystals and stones. Whether you are searching for a specific type of crystal, a crystal for a particular purpose, or you want to surprise your crystal loving friend with a crystal to assist them on their path, the following steps will help you intuitively buy a crystal for someone else. May i remind you to cleanse and program it first before.

5 different ways to program crystals. In the last post, i talked about how you can use color to change your life in a positive way. What are some reasons i should cleanse my crystals?

In a shop, it has likely been handled by dozens of people.

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How To Program Crystals For Someone Else

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