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How To Paint A Galaxy Easy

Paint the waterfall using a fan. Repeat the sponging and blurring technique in a different area of the canvas.

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When i took acrylic painting classes, the teacher was always reminding us to make sure to paint the sides, too, for a nice, finished look!

How to paint a galaxy easy. Galaxies, northern lights and night skies are so inspirational. Cut out a couple of spiral forms in another piece of cardboard, and again use the raised stencil method to create several spirals going outward from the center of galaxy, using purple and blue paint. Flick some watered down white paint from your fan brush or toothbrush onto the canvas for stars.

This easy beginner painting tutorial has full process pictures and a free video. When you are satisfied with the way the galaxy looks, add the stars. After stars are dried, use a 1/4 angled brush (or flat brush) with some black paint and paint on the silhouetted trees.

Wait for the white to dry. You can either buy black canvas or very simply throw on a layer of black paint. Use diluted white paint and a fan brush or a normal brush and hit it gently with another brush to create tiny drops on the painting.

Load your sponge (different area) in deep violet and white. They are actually very beginner friendly, and do not need much time to get a beautiful final piece. By cheshiremoonhime on deviantart | galaxy painting, watercolor art diy, watercolor galaxy.

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You want to start simply with a black canvas. Begin by painting your entire canvas black, including the sides and top. Draw the planets with your chalk onto the dried galaxy background.

Here is also the tutorial video just in case link: Repeat the sponging technique for cerulean blue and white and sponge a. Paint the stars and galaxy in the sky using a sponge and a little tiny round brush.

You can draw the stars very easily, you just have to draw many small circles, which you will leave white while painting the rest of the space black. I think if you are an artist or interested in becoming one then it is one of very cool things that you can paint in watercolor. When creating the stars, add more drops in the middle of the galaxies and less in the black areas.

7 easy steps for how to paint a galaxy. Paint the cliffs using a bright brush and dragging ground strokes downwards. Simple ways how to draw a galaxy _ paint galaxies with watercolor, acrylics, ink blending and markers!

Take a brush, dip it in the thinned paint and start flicking it over the galaxy night sky ( more details on how to flick stars in the section above). Blow the paint from the outside in toward the center. Blur the paint by sponging over the colors applied to the canvas.

Paint a blend of white, light green permanent and black to create the ecliped planet. After doing a number of these paintings these steps are super easy to follow and will get you from mere mortal status up to godlike powers of creations! Color the drawing of the galaxy.

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Listed below are simple ways to bring a galaxy. After the black is dry, begin adding your other colors. Paint the first planet by whiting it out with titanium white.

Now take the hairdryer and blow the paint outward from the center, catching the colors and spreading them outward. Continue on to the next planets by painting them white first and then applying the color. How to paint a galaxy with acrylics.

Continue this process until you are satisfied with your painting.

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