How To Move A Hot Tub A Few Feet


Use ramps to wheel the dollied hot tub into the moving truck or van. The spa mover can be rolled into a small compact bundle and easily stored.

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With one person on each side of the hot tub, lift the tub off the ground and place the 4 x 4 boards, or furniture sliders, underneath it.

How to move a hot tub a few feet. The most popular hot tub size is 84″ x 84″, which is about 7 feet by 7 feet. The approach & method we took for moving a hot tub is the same whether you are going a short distance of a few feet to a long distance of a hundred feet. Do not make physical contact with the movers, maintain at least 6 feet of distance between you at all times, and use digital payments instead of cash or a check.

Disconnect your home spa from the electric network, coil the power cable, wrap it in plastic wrap and place it inside its storage enclosure on the side panel. Among the models available in this popular hot tub size are the clarity spas balance 7, twilight series ts 7.2, and the michael phelps legend series lsx 700. The first step is to select a good site for the hot tub.

A safe amount to allot is approximately 10 feet (3.0 m) by 10 feet (3 m. For the ts 240, a corner hot tub, the dimensions are 78″ x 78″. It is small enough for one person to carry.

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Tow straps, two 4×4 pieces of wood, 2 furniture dollies with 4 wheels each, an appliance dolly, and. The spa sled mover helps you easily move a spa, hot tub, refrigerator, furniture, big screen tv, wood stove, pellet stove, generator and other big, heavy stuff. Have two people lift one side of the tub by tilting it toward the other side.

Hot tubs are difficult to move, so you’ll need the right equipment and plenty of manpower. Additional tips another common trick, particularly for those just looking to move their hot tub a few feet, is to leverage some pvc pipes under the hot tub unit. Hot tubs with these dimensions are roomy enough to soak with friends but it doesn’t.

Measure the space between the feet on your tub and set bricks into the ground to serve as the base. Stack one or two bricks for each tub foot as necessary to achieve a level base, then backfill and tamp down the soil firmly around the bricks. Moving timeline and moving checklist:

Move a hot tub with conduit. Basically, it all comes down to time and how efficiently you use the minutes, hours, and days leading up to the. Popular cities for hot tub moving.

Disconnect and drain the tub, lift it onto the dollies, then. Tilt the other side of the tub (i.e. You just need to continue adding pvc pipes under your hot tub for as far a distance you want to.

Make sure the spot you choose is large enough for the hot tub as well as some extra leeway for getting in and out and performing maintenance. October 28, 2021 october 28, 2021 ethan greenfield. Set bricks in place for the tub feet.

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Make sure you plan out a path that you can navigate smoothly and be sure the hot tub will fit. If you have to deal with stairs, use an appliance dolly with straps instead of furniture dollies. Lay a series of pvc pipes to roll it along.

Now it's time to start moving and loading the hot tub. Typical time required for moves involving stairs. The mover can be stored in a car trunk or on a shelf in a service.

The side that's still on. Here is one example of how stairs impact cost from hot tub rehab in austin, texas: You'll need help with this step.

Mike moved this hottub all by himself. Recruit at least four helpers and rent a truck, furniture dollies, and moving straps and blankets. The area should be one that gets good drainage.

Turn the tub on its side, carefully, so that it's easier to shift it. Choose a location for your hot tub. Move it off a platform, up a hill and into a yard, just like the egyptians.

You will always want your hot tub at least five feet away from an electrical panel or outlet. Give us a few details and we’ll match you with the right pro. This is so the hot tub will not be surrounded by puddles or mud.

Get hold of the proper equipment to move a hot tub: Before leveling the ground, there are a few considerations. How to move a hot tub on flat surfaces like a deck:

Make a pvc ladder to put under the hot tub.

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