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How To Make An Axe Handle

People around here use it mostly for walking sticks, and the kids like it 'bause it makes good switches to beat each other with. Birch wood is quite popular in several scandinavian countries.

US Light Bearded Axe Hand Engraved Work on Hatchet Axe

Avoid softer woods like pine or fir.

How to make an axe handle. The definition of best wood for axe handle differs from person to person as it depends on personal choices and the area you live in. A wooden handle for our throwing axe ensures that we can make mistakes, get more material at a lower cost and experiment with how we want to grip our axe. To replace an axe handle, purchase a new handle suited to your axe and remove the old one by drilling or sawing it off.

Make sure that the area of the handle that fits into the axe head is kept oversized. An axe handle is strongest when split from a stave (simply a narrow length of “raw” wood) rather than cut out of a board. To do this, you should use your saw to cut the handle right beneath the axehead.

So, you’re done with making the right choice of axe handle wood and prepared the shiny new handle for your axe. Joined may 28, 2014 messages 2,286 likes 2,930 location Purpose and function of the wedges when changing the handle of an axe, your main objective after removing the old handle is to put a new handle and secure it into the axe head.

Additionally, shape the shaft into an oblong profile with a 1:2 ratio, thickness to width. When a growth ring “runs out” of the piece of wood, it creates a weak spot. The final step to shaping the axe handle, is cutting the angle bottom on the fawns foot.

Pick a nice, straight grained hardwood for your axe handle. Ensure your grain runs vertically from the handle to the head of the axe. An axe handle wedge is simply an object that is driven into the kerf of the axe handle to tighten its hold onto the hole.

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This will prevent the handle from turning in your hands while using it. One of the more difficult steps in attaching an axe head to a new handle is removing the old handle first. I decided to make a handle for the wetterlings first since i use axes primarily as woodcarving tools.

How to protect the axe handle and head. Two of the heads were from light camp axes and one, though a beard had been cut into it, still showed the wetterlings head stamp. Then, shorten the handle if necessary, fill in the kerf with a wedge, and secure the.

The last thing you want is a crooked ax. Since the top of the eye is where the handle is “wedged”, the. If you can find a super straight grained fruit wood, that will work too.

The next step is, making sure that it’s being protected in the right manner. The axe head is now fully seated and mounted to the axe handle. If the shaft of the handle has broken and the axe head is still intact at end of the handle, then prepare yourself for some fun.

White or red oak, hickory, ash are options commonly available at most hardwood stores. This one has a full size 3 1/2 axe head hung (minus some material i removed to give it a beard) and i use it for kindling and making cordwood smaller for my stove and the head has stayed tight and the handle shows no cracks or signs of separation. If your axe handle has been broken or splintered, it may make the process easier.

Once that is done, use a hammer and punch to tap out what remains. Recently i came across four moderately used axe heads. Hold the axe head with one hand and make a few swift knocks on the axe head with the piece of wood until the axe head is in place.

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Once your axe head will slide stiffly onto the handle, the hardest part is done. The grain of the wood should be continuous from end to end, or the shock from use will cause the handle to blow apart. You need the right tools.

You should check that there are small gaps of space between the sides of the axe head and the hole in the handle. Many people use ash axe handle due to its longevity. Its also not very stiff so i'm not even sure that it would make a good axe handle.

It fits perfectly for an axe handle. Therefore, if you own an axe handle made out of ash wood, you’ve to make sure it’s maintained properly. But, outdoor enthusiasts still refer to some specific options because wooden hatchet handle made from the wood of these trees last for a long time.

Small gaps are good, as this will prevent the handle from splitting when you use the axe. The handle was built to be as tough as i could make from the scrap wood i had to use. Having said that a hewing axe like this is nearly always used one handed and the handle does not get the same stress as a.

Make your own axe handle photos by diane morgan. The first step to replacing a broken handle is to remove whatever is left of it from the eye of the axe. You can’t make it with your bare hands.

I found a nice dogwood branch, which to most people’s surprise is the strongest wood there is,and i got to work shaping and whittling the handle. Make sure that the head stays in line with the handle—it’s easy to lose track of the rest of the handle while you fit the head. In a way it adds a level of customization that metals or stone would not be able to do at the same cost.

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The excess wedge material can be cut flush to the top of the axe head with a coping saw. If you want to take it to the next step, then you can use osage orange wood, it is a tough but durable material. When my axe handle broke i really didn’t want to buy a new one, so i decided to make one my self.

Next, mark the saw wedge, or kerf, of the new handle with a pencil and test the fit by manually pushing it in and striking the other end. “those made by hand are considered stronger than those which are turned (on a machine), because the outline conforms to the grain. Whenever you choose the hickory wood or any other material you still need tools to make the handle.

Making an axe handle with hand tools. Fitting an axe handle in this blog post.

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