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How To Level Ground With Sand For Intex Pool

People are saying 2 to 5 tons. 2) tie a length of cotton string that is about 6” longer than the radius of the pool you are installing to the stake you just placed in the center.

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Once the ground is level and packed you can bring in a couple inches of sand.

How to level ground with sand for intex pool. They could collapse under the weight once you fill up your pool. My plan was to put a layer of sand down and set the legs on pavers. There should be four feet of space around the entire pool, with no.

Since most intex pools are fairly large, it can be difficult to make sure that the site is level. I set the pavers down into position just to see what they looked like. Keeping the layer of sand thin prevents the pool from shifting and also reduces the footprints you will make when.

Next, take some sand and pour it over the area with the majority of the sand in the low range of the pool. How to level out your ground with sand for your above ground pool. To level ground for a pool, dig away slopes and high spots to make them level with lower areas.

If you have no level areas, it pays to have a professional pool installer level an area for you. If you have more than a few inches drop, it is a good idea to level off the top side a bit first. You may have to dig the ground first, so you can easily level the ground using the soil on it and either a concrete block or patio pavers.

We are about to install an intex 18' x 52 pool. That is a huge difference!!! Put blocks under your intex pool:

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The ground under your pool should be flat and level. I have a 15 by 48 intex above ground pool were we live there use to be a garage and now theres ony the concrete floor but it not level can i level my pool on one side with sand to level it and put somthing under 3 or 4 legs. Once that step is done, you can begin to tamp down the sand.

Add as much sand as necessary and rotate the boards until the sand is level. Major issues with an unlevel pool. Do not place your pool on a deck, balcony, or platform.

After you have selected your swimming pool site, and have your sand, start moving your sand to your site, with more of it being dumped on the lower end. Again, if you have to level out more than 2 from low to high side, you should remove soil from the higher end first! This would provide a good base for an intex pool.

Unfortunately there is so much info out there, that some of. Intex specifically says to not use sand, but it appears that a lot of people still do. The sand creates a base, protecting not only the liner of your pool but to provide a buffer against grass and weeds, or any other sharp objects you may have missed in the dirt.

1) hammer a stake into the ground where you want the center of your pool to be. The ground must be compact and firm, so the pool should not be set up on mud, sand, or loose soil. A level pool will be safer and lasts longer than one that has been improperly installed.

I would level the ground with dirt and pack it down good. Hi, this is the first summer i've purchased an intex pool with a frame. Then tie a can of spray paint that can be sprayed vertically to the other end of the string.

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Tips for leveling your intex above ground swimming pool area with sand. Attach the string to a post or stake in the center of your site, and hold the loose end of the string in one hand. Once that step is done, you can begin to tamp down the sand.

I did extensive research before setting up my pool, on leveling the ground and prepping the ground for set up. What is the easiest way to level ground for a pool? I've also heard a truck load or 2.

A twenty four foot pool would probably use about 3 tons of sand. If the drop is too much, you can get uneven compaction of the sand, leading to a swimming pool that is not level. I rented a front end loader last weekend to level out the ground, which was previously a vegetable garden (hasn't grown anything for 2 years).

Once the leveling is underway, periodically check your progress by laying a carpenter's level on top of a wood plank to see if your work surface if even. I use a little sand under intex pools, to cushion the bottom, but not for leveling. But when setting up any type of above ground pool, including an intex metal frame or inflatable pool, it is critical that the ground be perfectly level.

After leveling the ground, you need a truckload of sand. Smooth it out with sand. It's a 22' x 52 round ultra frame soft side pool.

How much sand do i need to put under the pool now. The instruction manuals and videos included in intex pool kits usually warn against using sand beneath your pool. Build up the edges at least 2 feet out with a gradual slope.

I have the ground dug out and leveled. Installing an intex pool on an uneven. You can then just use a ground cloth over the dirt or you could cover the area with an inch or so of sand.

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To level your inflatable intex pool, you may put blocks on the ground to have a level intex pool. Hello, i just bought my first pool (intex 15'x48'' round above ground). Even with a site that’s perfectly level across the overall width of the pool, there will be small, golf ball or baseball size bumps and divots.

The other options for leveling the pool area are a 2 x 4 with a carpenters level or a water hose level. How to level ground for pool without digging mark the location. One method for doing this is to use string and a device called a line level.

Add as much sand as necessary and rotate the boards until the sand is level. June 4, 2019 at 11:26 pm. Hit a metal rod through the hole securing the boards to the ground.

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