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How To Know If A Louis Vuitton Bag Is Authentic

Louis vuitton is also known to burn all rejected merchandise, so be wary of that too. How the bag looks is an incredibly important first step when authenticating a louis vuitton, because you should immediately know that slouching, creasing, strange proportions and an otherwise imperfect appearance is a huge red flag.

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Louis vuitton does not and has not ever used authenticity cards.

How to know if a louis vuitton bag is authentic. This yellow card below is an example of what should not be included in authentic louis vuitton purchases. Availiable in different sizes, with its simple yet sophisticated design, speedy is really versatile which allows you to combine the bag with every outfit you have! Trust your inner feelings and know the seller.

For guidance on how to decipher louis vuitton date codes, check out our blog post a quick guide to authentic louis vuitton date codes. The dust bag should only say louis vuitton or have a monogram, no additional information. When authenticating a louis vuitton piece, matching the factory code letters with the country listed on the 'made in' stamp is a good first step towards verifying a bag.

You need to make sure that the bag you are purchasing, is, in fact, a style that louis vuitton made, and that you are purchasing it in the right color and monogram pattern that is offered with that collection. The main louis vuitton stamp is very important for authentication, and oftentimes it can easily allow you to determine that a bag is fake. Verify the key of your louis vuitton alma bag

It’s so adorable that thousands of replicas were created to satisfy people who can’t afford the price of the original one. Even then, you need to authenticate the bag first. As for the stitching lines at the top and at the bottom of the tab, you can observe how the fake lv metis bag has its stitches too small and thick, and how the authentic bag has its stitches thinner and longer.

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Know the styles that louis vuitton produces. To find out more, visit the full blog on louis vuitton date codes. The most searched and sold louis vuitton bag is louis vuitton neverfull.

Louis vuitton original merchandise never goes on sale. If you are sure that your louis vuitton accessory or bag is the real deal, consider using that investment by either selling it or pawning it in the most convenient way through pawnhero. 7) trademark monogram bag letters are engraved in gold with brown lines.

The o's are very round and look bigger than the l. Forgeries can have a matching code, though, so don’t let that be the deciding factor when you are trying to identify a genuine louis vuitton bag. Take a closer look at the “louis vuitton” marking and you’ll see the font is incorrect.

This is an easy area for a newbie to feel foolish. On the other hand, the authentic louis vuitton metis bag’s text is looking boxier, as it is smaller than the fake bag’s text. To spot the difference between them, today i’m talking about things you need to know before buying a louis vuitton bag, because a lot of people.

Louis vuitton speedy is one of the most popular and desired louis vuitton bags. On a real louis vuitton bag, there are always a certain number of stitches in each place and that does not vary. If you’ve recently purchased a new louis vuitton bag from a boutique, you might be wondering why your louis vuitton bag does not have a date code.

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The stitches found on the handler of the authentic louis vuitton alma bag are thicker and also shorter than the ones found on the fake bag. They are sensitive to weight and will give out a reading that is very close to the weight of the original bag. In the fake vs real louis vuitton alma bag image above, we have pointed out how the fake bag has its stitching on the handler looking too thin and too long.

The dust bag in the same photo is fake as well. The monogram pattern on the orange side is more like a light pink and in the lilac side is like neon green, whereas in the fake bag it is usually white and yellow on the sides. No date code on louis vuitton bag.

The sides the colors of the two sides of the authentic louis vuitton onthego bag are orange and lilac. Often times fake manufacturers put too much information and thus compromise themselves. Counterfeiters always try to copy louis vuitton’s luxury bags, but the trained eye will know the difference.

In some instances, an expert can count the number of stitches in certain places to tell whether a piece is real or notfinally, on the traditional monogram bags, the thread color is a specific color yellow on the trim and a specific. There are a few reasons to why your louis vuitton bag might not feature a date code. You can check all the numbers and letters to verify the purse.

A louis vuitton piece can be an excellent investment. That’s a surefire way to consider the luxury bag is not a fake. First, if there is paper or plastic wrapped around the handles, it’s not an authentic louis vuitton.

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Brand new louis vuitton bags never go on sale or sold at any kind of discount stores, wholesales or outlets. Almost every model of louis vuitton bag has its own unique qualities that distinguish and help authenticate it. If you see a solid colored monogram bag letter with a green tint, then you just saw a fake one.

The imprints of the trademark louis vuitton bags are of golden color with brown lines. The tail on the l is very short. These are all authentic louis vuitton stamps.

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