Use a better toothbrush and brush after drinking coffee. And if you’re going to brush your teeth, wait at least 15 minutes.

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Here are some suggestions for how to keep your teeth white while still enjoying delicious, hot beverages this winter.

How to keep teeth white while drinking coffee. Drink your coffee in one sitting instead of small sips throughout the day to prevent bacteria buildup. But let’s face it, this is not an option for any. While your burlingame dentist can certainly appreciate the many stimulating benefits offered by coffee, your daily cup (or three) of java also comes with an enamel staining price.

How can i keep my teeth white while drinking coffee? 'our enamel begins to break down at a ph level of 5.5 and coffee has a ph level of 6.3.' Straws help keep liquids away from your teeth, so your smile will remain whiter longer.

Some dentists say that drinking through a straw helps to reduce contact between your teeth and the coffee, reducing the risk of staining. To many of our patients, their cup of coffee in the morning is sacred. Aside from limiting the amount of coffee you drink, you can drink coffee through a straw, especially if you sip.

You love coffee so much that it makes your eyes light up and your smile widen immediately after the first sip of a deliciously roasted and brewed cup. But no one wants to do that! The most reliable way to whiten your teeth is to have a dentist do it.

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If you prefer iced coffee, drink it through a straw to reduce the risk of stains. Unfortunately, sometimes our smiles don't shine as brightly thanks to those annoying coffee stains on our teeth. While slowing down your coffee consumption is always an option, you can also do things to mitigate the effects.

The best way to prevent discoloration from drinking coffee is simply to reduce the amount of coffee you drink. Anyways, you probably will not have a toothbrush handy when you’re drinking a cup of coffee. The obvious thing to do if you want to keep your teeth as white as possible is to give up completely on caffeinated drinks:

Remember, the less time the coffee has to sit on your teeth, the better. However, this is probably the worst thing you can do when trying to keep your teeth white. They know how to protect your teeth while restoring their pearly whiteness.

Drinking a cup of water is an easy. So try having your cup of coffee only over your break. Simpson offers tips for drinking coffee after teeth whitening without compromising the effects of treatment.

Drinking water will help wash away dark liquids from the teeth. When you rinse with a mouthwash right after eating or drinking, it keeps the bacteria and food and drink particles from sticking to your teeth, which in turn, can prevent surface stains, mylonakis. Drink through the little stir stick from the coffee shop instead of a straw.

You should also try to keep your exposure to coffee to a minimum. Coffee, tea and hot chocolate stain teeth. Don't worry — your trusted baristas and

One of the very best ways to prevent coffee stains on teeth is to remove any remaining coffee residue from your teeth before it has an opportunity to actually permanently stain your teeth. The effectiveness of this seemingly nifty tip, however, is highly debated. Many coffee lovers want to savor their morning cup or even sit with their coffee next to them for an extended period of time.

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You can also try whitening your teeth at home to deal with the results of drinking too much coffee. View this post on instagram. This type of coffee has less of the staining polyphenols and less caffeine than other types of coffee.

For instance, you could choose coffee with 100% arabica beans. Adhere to the 48 hour window rule we want teeth whitening treatment to give our patients the bright, white smile they desire, but we don’t want them to sacrifice the things they enjoy to get the smile they want. Additionally, drink a glass of water after finishing your coffee to rinse your mouth and teeth.

To image what drinking coffee does to the color of your teeth, just consider what the inside of your coffee cup looks like the next morning. The effects of a professional dental whitening also last longer. Ask your dentist to recommend the best whitening toothpaste for your teeth during your next appointment.

If you feel like you can’t miss out on your morning coffee or a glass of wine at happy hour, consider drinking through a straw. Instead, use these tips to keep those teeth as white as they can be! If you enjoy coffee, red wine, or soft drinks regularly, you may want to consider using a straw.

After your coffee, have a glass of water. While the yellow staining does return if you keep drinking coffee, regular teeth whitening can eliminate this problem best. With such a high intake of coffee, you have to do what you can to allow your teeth to stay healthy while enjoying the drink to the fullest.

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Here are 10 ways you can help prevent coffee from staining your teeth. These drinks tend to stain teeth due to their vibrant or artificial color. Coffee is acidic, and brushing right away can actually hurt your enamel.

Also, make sure you're caring for your teeth properly, as that will keep stains from building up as much. Sipping through a straw reduces the amount of liquid with which your teeth come in contact.

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