How To Keep Skunks Away From My House

Using scents like pepper will be much better and actually irritate the sinuses of skunks, but spent coffee grounds are great. Stray food on the ground is a big draw for skunks!

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What can you use to keep skunks away from your house?

How to keep skunks away from my house. If you have a skunk around the house then spraying the pepper around its den or anywhere you might think it has been or will return to, is a great way to keep skunks away naturally. Close off spaces that may be appealing to skunks using rocks, fencing, or plywood. Block all but the one you want the skunk(s) to use for an exit.

They will use wood piles, leaf piles, and tree branches to stay hidden when they make their approach. The most surefire and practical way is to get a fence or barrier to prevent them from coming into your yard in the first place. Store the materials in a shed or bin to prevent skunks from moving in.

Cover any openings in your home’s foundation with wire mesh or sheet metal. Leave a good scoop of peanut butter at the entrance with a disposable spoon. One of the easiest ways to immediately deter these pests from entering your property and keeping skunks away is to set up motion sensor floodlights.

Boil it for 20 minutes. Pepper water, cayenne pepper flakes, and dog urine are all home remedies that are rumored to keep skunks away. Trim trees and bushes to make them less enticing for skunks to hang out in.

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* make sure your waste is well protected. Keep your yard free of clutter. * inspect your property and make sure your porches and decks don’t have openings big enough to allow skunks to get in and make a home.

Below are some tips and natural repellents to help keep skunks away. Here are some tips to prevent a skunk visitation in your house: However, make sure that these coverings extend a few inches below the soil’s surface or the skunks will just dig.

Skunks like to make their homes under decks, porches, and in other sheltered areas. If playback doesn't begin shortly, try restarting your device. Log piles and piles of lumber or building materials can serve as shelters for skunks.

Use bird feeders with seed catchers. Some even use mothballs to help with removing skunks. If you want to repel skunks, you have to keep the yummies out of the yard that’s attracting them.

How to keep skunks away from your property!!! Most do not keep away skunks. Therefore, a natural home remedy that works in the battle against skunks is cayenne pepper.

Coffee grounds to repel skunks are a bit of a mixed bag. Use lids on your garbage cans that are not easy to get off, yet will cover the entire trash can. Similar to how coffee grounds repel deer, the bitter scent of coffee grounds may inform skunks that humans are nearby and thus, keep them away from your property.

Here are some methods to help you keep ’em out! Make pepper water by boiling an onion, several jalapenos, 1 tbsp cayenne pepper in 2 quarts of water. Keeping skunks out of your home.

The smell that citrus peels release is undesirable to skunks, successfully driving them off your lawn to look for food elsewhere. As an extra measure, i usually store my garbage cans in the garage and secure it to keep the skunks from entering my property. Always tie the trash before placing the lid.

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Home remedy to keep skunks away. When an animal or other moving object walks in front of the lights, they instantly turn on and send the critters on their way. Utilizing the scents given off by citrus is one of the best home remedies to keep skunks away from the house and to keep chipmunks out of garden areas.

Videos you watch may be added to the tv's watch history and influence tv. Keep the opening clear so there's no mistake it's an exit for the skunk. It is possible to keep your home free from skunks by taking several simple precautions.

Just like with other pests, skunks are attracted to messy properties. If you're using fencing or mesh to close off certain areas, bury the material at least one and a half to two feet down. If you live in an area where you’re able to set up fencing, consider getting some skunk proof fencing that’s.

Patch holes around your foundation. Another remedy is to use citrus peels around the area. Keep all the pet food safely locked in before evening comes.

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