How To Install Car Speakers In Rear Deck

If you’re lucky, some vehicles will be like dash speakers, where you simply pop off the grille and can access the screws to remove the. Hi all, does anyone know if the package tray, (the rear speaker deck) on a 69 road runner welded in or bolted in?

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The tweeter's housing secures to the car's panel with a screw, so you need only drill a small hole to install the tweeter mount and run the speaker wire to the crossover.

How to install car speakers in rear deck. What are the speakers in the back of a car called? For the best stereo imaging, those folks said to lose the rear speakers, and only use front speakers. Rear speakers do not work with aftermarket stereo install '98 audi cabriolet.

The deck has holes in it to allow sound to come through. I was a little skeptical, but decided to go w/it anyway. I pulled off the rear lower deck lid liner in my trunk, and found my 2 rear speakers, and no amp or other harness.

9.2) begin lifting rear deck panel up from center releasing clips. Recently, i bought a set of sony 6x9s and finished some angles speaker mounts for them yesterday. Remove the two 10 mm nuts from below the bottom of the rear seat back cushion with a 10 mm wrench.

With a little expert advice and a simple process, you can easily install your new speakers. Your choice depends on the type of vehicle you have or the model, and your desired. I have jbl 12 1204b subwoofer in my trunk, and and dont fill the corect bass in front of the car at the driver seat i wonderd, is it possible to install the sub (without the box) speaker on the rear deck below the rear window.

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Make sure to measure the front or rear deck of the space intended for your speakers to avoid fitting issues. In some cases, all you need to do is pry up the grilles and swap out the speakers. Can i just replace my car speakers?

Replace your rear deck lid. I'll post pictures once i do. So you went from having a speaker getting 20 watts to a pair of speakers.

Since you doubled the resistance, you now get half of the power, so you now have 10 watts @ 8 ohms split up by two speakers. I just discovered that the genius who owned the car before me butchered the speaker openings with snips or something and put the speakers in from the top. So each rear speaker you have right now is getting 20w rms.

The first speakers that i put in were put flat in the deck like the 6x9s in this thread but they were 5 1/4 rounds. In others, you need to crawl into the trunk and disconnect them there. To install your rear speakers, remove the rear deck lid and unscrew the original speakers using the same process above.

Im going to work on rebuilding the rear deck, mounting the speakers and painting them soon. Fold the back cushion down and remove the four 10 mm bolts from the panel behind the cushion with the 10 mm wrench. 11.2) lift speaker and disconnect connector.

So my rear deck package tray was looking ratty, bubbled up at both ends, the center speaker grille had been put in wrong long ago, etc. Once you’ve disconnected the battery, use a flathead screwdriver to pry off the panels or grills covering your speakers. The ease or angst of replacing a set of rear speakers varies wildy, depending on the type of car you have and the way the manufacturer designed the interior.

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A component tweeter flush mounted in a sail panel. What i did was installed 5×7's in the rear deck then cut out a 5×7 hole on the lid, and layed new carpet over that, two tone to match the interior of my car. Lift firmly on the bottom rear seat cushion and remove it.

To install car speakers, start by disconnecting your car’s battery to protect yourself and prevent electrical damage. 11.1) remove four screws securing rear speakers to deck. Installed aftermarket alpine hu and only front (l & r) speakers work.

Then when you add a second set of speakers wired in series you go from 4 ohms to 8 ohms. 10.1) pull panel up from third brake light cavity to remove over brake light bracket while pulling toward front of car. Unfasten any screws securing the speakers in place and disconnect the wires.

Clip on the new speakers’ adapters and screw in the new speakers. While there are speakers that are best for the rear, there are also brands best for the front. To reward myself for being on the good list this year, i bought the deluxe tray that is smooth all the way across, but has speaker grilles made into the tray, so nothing shows from above.

The whole deck will have to be replaced. Rear deck speakers tend to be the most difficult to access. Rear speakers provide sound to backseat passengers and “rear fill” for the front row.

You'll find surface mounting to be an ideal choice if you face a limited mounting depth.

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