How To Identify Ivory Carving

If the lines do not exist, your ivory might be an imitation. While bone and ivory can be similar in appearance, weight, and feel, ivory tends to be of higher value and more regulated than bone.

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If the needle goes in, it's plastic;

How to identify ivory carving. Introduction to the ivory identification guide. Other types of ivory may still bring lofty prices, but mammoth tusk carvings remain highly collectible due to their rarity. Then ask loudly again “is the ivory carvings fake?

Ivory is made from the tusks and teeth of elephants, whales and several other animals. Ivory craftsmen left the eastern roman empire and moved west. We specialize specifically in vintage/contemporary inuit stone, ivory sculpture and limited edition prints.

Put on a pair of insulated gloves. But while gold and silver have carried purity marks and have been closely regulated by governments. I would be more inclined to guess that the work shown was done in the philippines, but it is just a guess.

Bright and white ivory might be new or an imitation. Find patterns and grain in the ivory carving. This is a web version of the identification guide for ivory and ivory substitutes by edgard o.

Most fake ivory is made up of either plastic or a resin of old ivory that is ground down and mixed with another synthetic. These are not always as dramatic as this sample photo. Ivory was used for centuries in chinese dragon artwork and eskimo carving.

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Historically, genuine ivory has been difficult to obtain, highly sought after and, consequently, an expensive luxury item. Under a black light, ivory will fluoresce white, or, if it is older, yellow or brown. I thank richard hanover for this picture and the information.

Aboriginart is the premiere online inuit art / eskimo art gallery. The thing that is difficult about identifying carved ivory is that ivory carving is being done in bali and the philippines. See more ideas about ivory, chinese, carving.

Find makers marks or hallmarks to identify ivory and research through millions of auction records for ivory to learn the worth of your collection. Elephant ivory will not display intrusive vivianite discoloration in its natural state. Of course to be 100% sure a chemical test has to be done.

Important ivory workshops arose particularly in england, france, germany, and belgium. With the investiture of charlemagne in 800 as holy roman emperor, ivory carving returned to a place of prominence in northern europe. In some ways ivory is very similar to precious metals and gemstones.

There are ways of telling fake ivory from real ivory just by performing a few tests. Mostly because the whole structures are fairly easy to identify but also because it is impossible to anticipate which portion of a tusk or tooth will be used for any specific carving. Native american jewelry is produced in the philippines.

If to both questions, seller doesn't maintain eye con. Instead, we chose to focus our attention on the ‘species determining’ characteristics of the ivory material itself. Over 1900 inuit works of art on display by over 400 inuit artists.

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Also, if the object appears to be a bright yellow, it may have been artificially aged. Pricing and identification guides for ivory. Start by determining if the piece is bone or ivory rather than a synthetic or other replica material.

If not, it's probably ivory. Many times the grains can only be seen in a small area of the carving. A real old ivory chip is below it.

True ivory naturally yellows with age. Antique ivory yellows or browns with age unless it has been restored. Click to see schreger lines in mammoth ivory another feature may be used to identify mammoth ivory.

Our online antiques & collectibles reference guides for ivory are constantly updated and are always available on any internet device. Elephant ivory and mammoth ivory sample photo to right: Genuine, fake, and confusing by mark chervenka.

Instead it has circular patterns more like fine wood. As the buyer you must talk to seller directly gazing directly into his eyes ask loudly “is the ivory carving genuine? If the object appears blue / blueish, then it is most likely artificial.

Each item has been chosen for a combination of quality, subject matter, form and artist. 5 ivories identified as chinese dated 20th century (nos.1,2,3,4 and 20) 8 ivories identified and signed as japanese dated late 19th century (nos 5,7,8,10,11,12,16 and 18) 3 japanese ivories identified but unsigned (nos 9,15,17) ivory tusk (no 6) unknown origin. Look at the grain lines on the ivory under a magnifying glass.

Carving in fossil ivory, eskimo style from bali.

Eskimo Carved Ivory Tusk, Nunivak Island, carved overall

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How To Identify Ivory Carving

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