How To Identify African Wood Carvings


Artists have utilized various mediums, from oils to silk screening, and methods varying from brass casting by the ancient lost wax process to welding tin cans and other metals into sculpture. A very valid method used for ascertaining the age of a wooden object is ir spectroscopy.

African Man Woman Tribal Carved Wood Statues Bust Heads

Other african regions known for african tribal figurines.

How to identify african wood carvings. African art aesthetics and meaning. 10 different types of ebony wood how to identify african carvings spoon carving pitch black spoon gone an art diary woodsense spotlight on ebony incredible african folk art ebony wood carving sculpture from a xiaomi huohou chopping block for meat fruit vegetable bar kitchen. African padauk wood is often used for musical instruments, the handles of tools, flooring, small wooden objects, and wood veneer.

Most ebony wood is contrasted with shades of bright gold or white alongside the identifying black colour. On one of my first visits to the june 16th woodcarvers’ collective in nampula, mozambique, a craftsman named paulo was busy carving a wooden replica of an interior door panel for a honda civic… Established before the war has increased during the last thirty years at a dizzying rate.

Buy wood sculpture, 'african woman loves life' today. $ 295.00 $ 118.00 view more. Help identify tribe carved statue of pregnant woman came from.

See my page on donating wood samples for more info. If you go back 100 years or more, however, you wouldn’t see such individual creativity. I’m also interested in getting photos of completed wood projects—especially of obscure or lesser known woods.

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The shetani can take on many forms, and it is this diversity of form which is reflected in the carvings. The medium was also widely used in oceanic art for the carving of ceremonial canoes and other objects, as well as in the totem pole culture of american indian art and in the aboriginal art of australia. Each original piece goes through a certification process to guarantee best value and premium quality.

The texture of african padauk is open and coarse with a natural luster. Donating wood samples and pictures of wood items if you’ve got a new or unusual wood species that isn’t on the site, please consider sharing it with the rest of us! Even so, wood was the principal type of african sculpture used to produce masks, statuettes, religious objects and general decorative items.

23 view in national archives catalog the contemporary art of africa eludes generalized description. Determining the age of the wood therefore permits us to establish an item’s age. African carved wood hanging antiques board.

Today, ghanaian wood carvers produce an endless variety of figurines and plaques for the tourist trade, or for export to other countries. Shetani is a word used to describe creatures that are difficult to identify. Ebony wood is very common in west african countries and is excellent for carvings/sculptures because of its density, colouration (black, dark brown, mixed black/cream or brown/cream) and brilliant natural sheen.

African tribal wood carving for sale 11589 the taxidermy store. Mahogany is also a wood of choice for furniture, masks, sculptures, and figurines. Following the law of supply and demand, quality pieces have reached prices today, which.

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The representation of traditional myths in the carvings bring them to life. The cost of art objects in general and those of black art in particular, already badly. Mahogany wood has colouration of mid to deep burgundy.

African ebony wood regarded as the most luxurious and unique wood throughout africa, ebony is named for the black hue that streaks the wood. Keep an eye out for wood carvings that are dark, have split in the wood, considered heavy based on size or have oil oozing from the wood, could possibly be very old and worth researching further. It develops a straight bole that is often clear of branches for the first 50 ft (15.24m).

However, the value can vary tremendously because there are also many newer versions of the originals. The tree is an east african wood occurring southwards from tanzania to the northern part of south africa. This wood is resistant to decay and considered very durable, as it can resist insects and termites.

$ 675.00 $ 270.00 view more. Most commonly used are ebony, mahogany, teak, osese and iron wood. Many of the carvings are derived from the myth of the native shetani, a spirit.

Introduction enlarge an akan mother and child. African carved figures are quite popular; Some are cleverly designed with modern african figures and animals.

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