How To Hold A Catfish

Remember that catfish don’t sting. On the other hand, for the medium and large sizes fish, you need to apply different methods.

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First and foremost, it is important to learn how to hold a catfish.

How to hold a catfish. Some anglers pick the catfish up by the bottom lip and hold it with one hand while they work on the fish with the other. Berkley lip grip team catfish lip grip if you get finned by a catfish then use this old school catfishing trick rub the wound on the belly of the catfish and the sting will. For the big ones, make sure to hold the fish near the tail fin with the other hand.

Small catfish medium catfish big catfish; You can easily hold smaller catfish with a single hand. How to hold a catfish from below.

If you have a flat surface (or the catfish is small enough to fit in your hand), you can run your hand along the fish to flatten the dorsal fin and keep the side fins down. To handle the catfish safely, grab them adjacent to but behind their spikes so that the spikes can’t reach your hand when the fish wiggles. Follow these tips to make sure that you know how to hold a catfish to prevent the most common injuries.

If for some reason you cannot grasp the prey from behind, slightly modifying the position of your hand will allow you to grab it safely from the other side. Fish with sizes from one to two pounds up to seven or eight pounds can usually be handled in the same method as small fish. Knowing how to properly handle and hold a catfish can help prevent a very painful wound.

When you snag a smaller catfish, just hold it by the line with one hand and then use the other to grip the tail. To start this hold, place your thumb and index fingers behind the dorsal and pectoral spine. So how should you hold a catfish?

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How to hold the catfish without getting stung. They will not sting a. You can perform this hold from over the top of.

Holding behind their shoulder blades is one of the safest places to handle a catfish because it is the most rigid part of its body. There are a few different ways to hold a catfish. Hold the fish horizontally with your hand behind the gill plate.

This video explains how to hold a catfish so you don't get stung by the catfish spines. Most people are so nervous about getting stung by a catfish that they wind up getting injured. The dorsal fin spine may be used as a “backstop” by wedging your hand against it.

It is not always necessary, but you can use a fish gripper that attaches to the fish’s lower lips. This is the preferred method of holding or handling any catfish that’s small enough for you to get your hand around and hold firmly. How to hold a catfish.

Wrap your hand around the back of the catfish’s head. If you have caught a catfish and it is really small, it is recommended you first put the fish. The dorsal fin should be flattened, while the pectoral fins should be out front so they don’t get in.

Spines on a catfish extend when it is removed from the water. As the spines are in the front, holding it from the back is the preferred method. Aside from a few catfish that can produce an electric shock, catfish do not sting.

When you catch a catfish, you need to be extra careful around the small fish. The safest thing to do is to wear fishing gloves that protect your arms from slices and pokes. Part of our fishing 101 series, this video discusses the proper way to hold a catfish.

Wrap your hand at the catfish backside. Otherwise, it will be tricky to hold a catfish, or it can hurt you. Catfish have three spines and the smaller the catfish the sharper the.

Get the bottom catfish in place. If it is a small catfish: This will keep them calmer.

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The larger the fish, the less risk of being finned lip grips make handling catfish easier! How to hold a catfish. There are many ways to pick up and hold a catfish.

You have to place your hand directly behind the pectoral and dorsal spines. This can be done by using a special grip, or by using a lip grip. When grasping the tail, slide your hand up the body of the catfish upto the back of its pectoral spines.

Just stick to the next rules before holding a catfish and you’ll have the ability to prevent it easily. When expelled from the water, catfish usually broaden their spines, so make sure to keep it off from your legs, pets, or children. Placing your fingers behind the gill plate, or the flaps on either side of the fish’s head, will typically give you a secure.

Because the spines are what you have to worry about, you must grip the catfish tightly while keeping your hands clear of danger. From here, you just slide your hand up the body of the fish until you have your hand resting against the back of the pectoral spines. Some tips to consider when holding a catfish.

You should hold the smaller ones from the top. The best method to hold small catfish would be to grab the fish from the top and keep your hand positioned directly behind the spines in their pectoral and dorsal fins. Large catfish are rare to find, and you can get small catfish in deep holes in ponds or rivers and outside edges of river curves.

As the fish get larger (up to about two or three pounds), this approach becomes more difficult so some anglers prefer to hold the catfish from the top, putting their hand in front of the dorsal fin and behind the pectoral fins. Fishermen must beware of the pectoral and dorsal fins to avoid injury. If the catfish is smaller, hold it by the line and grasp it by the tail.

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When you grab the fish from underneath. This technique only works on smaller catfish as it can be difficult to hold larger ones with the same approach. Place the webbing between your thumb and forefinger on the rear edge of the dorsal fin.

This way the catfish spines can’t reach your hands and puncture your skin. The best way to hold a catfish is to grip it around the upper body behind the pectoral fin.

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How To Hold A Catfish

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