How To Get Straight A's In College

A lot of students find it hard to study and make what they learn stick. To get straight a's in college, you need to make sure you're able to make the time commitment for your studies, but you should enjoy the learning process.

How I Got Straight A's In College (And How You Can Too

If you can do both (decent grades and a good social experience), then you get to make your own choices later on.

How to get straight a's in college. I feel like i’m in the perfect position to talk about maintaining a high gpa in college, considering i went from a b and c+ student to straight a’s this fall semester by following some of my favorite tips and tricks. (…oh, and i got a b in one class and that was pe…) since then, i aced my quizzes and exams… even in college and graduate school, i maintained this streak! Yes, but not for the reasons most people might think.

Get good grades (i agree, killing yourself for straight a’s is not the best plan), but also take advantage of the unique social enviornment that college allows. To get straight as, first you need to get organized by getting a folder or binder for each of your classes as well as a planner to write down your assignments in. Take courses that are not only relevant to your major, but also take courses that interest you.

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Ignore rationality, ignore logic, ignore past history, just simply let yourself believe that you can get. There's no guaranteed method for making straight a's in college, but you can improve your chances by adopting effective study techniques. From the very beginning of the semester, just believe it and expect it.

College grad jon morrow busted his butt to get straight a's in college, but his 3.92 gpa didn't do much for him in the real world. now he regrets spending all that time worrying and working on. Believe it or not, i wasn’t always that kid that did well in school. The secret to getting straight a’s in college.

But if straight a’s is something you’re striving for, then following these 7 tips will help to build the skills needed to achieve that. Straight a’s on their own don’t mean much. In fact, in high school i had pretty mixed grades.

How to get straight a’s. Today i wanted to share with you my tips and secrets to acing your college classes and getting that 4.0 you’ve always wanted. I mentioned it earlier, but i think it’s worth repeating:

There are no short cuts to this but if you want to pass with excellent grades, then you have to study some more but with a strategy. As an amazon associate i earn from qualifying purchases. You can wither watch my tips to getting straight a’s in this video on our youtube channel or keep reading!

Once you've got your supplies, make it a goal to attend all of your classes and always take detailed notes, which will help you with your homework and studying later on. Study hacks blog why i don’t regret getting straight a’s in college december 5th, 2007 · 27 comments jon dismisses grades. So far i have straight a’s but its wayyy more than just showing up to class.

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Before i share all of my secrets on how i got straight a’s throughout college and maintain a 4.0 gpa, i want take a step back and share a little bit about my journey first. Yesterday, jon morrow wrote a guest post on the brazen careerist was titled: Here are my 17 tips on how to get straight a's in college without being a genius, a hermit, a bore, or an obsessive worker.

In science classes they will fail you if you don’t study but in ge’s its usually pretty easy to get a c/b by just showing up to the lecture but the a’s come from actually reading the book and testing your knowledge. A lot of times i got a’s and b’s, but there. You're more likely to perform well in a course if you're excited to engage with the course content.

If maintaining a perfect gpa is one of your goals, you may feel overwhelmed by the amount of work you have to do to make the grades you want. Read about me, or email me. College is all fun and games till it is time for tests or exams.

This does not affect the price you pay. Going to college is exciting, but it's also a big adjustment. Posted september 8, 2010 by presh talwalkar.

Believe and expect to get straight a's.

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