How To Get Shein Points Without Buying

But remember that to get the points you must confirm receipt of your order in the my orders section. However, this is a table of shein men's sizes:

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Buying cheap clothes from shein.

How to get shein points without buying. Every 100 points you will currently have a discount of $ 1. They have sizing from xs to xxl with ample measurements. To get access to the shein free trial centre if you are new you will have to search shein free trial centre in google and access the official shein website, login with your password and user name and then go to your profile and click on free trial to enter this section.

The top tier has benefits like speedy refunds and exclusive promotions. The shein men's size range is quite wide. It’s the quickest way to get info on sizing, returns, etc.

Create an account at; Participate in daily marketing activities. You can only take part in the shein test centre's prize draw for 3 items.

Get points from the different existing ways to obtain a greater discount when making your purchase. If you apply for a return for one or more items you have purchased using shein points, those points will not be credited back to your account. Go adding the clothes you want to buy to the cart.

Earn points while you shop and use them later for big discounts! The great thing about shein is that so many shop from the site every day and get points when they upload photos and reviews. In this link you can find more information about shein points.

As we have discussed previously, points are exchangeable for discounts on your purchase. Each post will earn you 5 points (up to 10 points per day). How to get shein points for free.

You’ll find most of the jeans worn by models on shein. When it comes to shein points, there is a maximum point system that you can get daily. This would all depend on the category of event, and here is the guideline for the daily maximum point system at shein:

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Shein student discount, deals and sales: In this post, we’ll show you how to get more points for free. Facebook is 10 points, youtube is 30 points, twitter is 5 points, lookbook is 8 points,wanelo is 6 points, polyvore is 6 points.

Which is really helpful for you if you're trying to figure out the fit of an item or get a better idea of the quality. The shein vip program has four levels: With the points program for regular shoppers you can save money on your purchases.

Don’t forget to check out their shein student discount, deals and sales they have during the year and use the different shein coupon codes from sites such as and save on your purchases. For every 100 points, you will get $1 off that can be used to pay up to 70% of the total purchase amount. Note that , bonus points will be valid for 3 months.

Tips for buying from shein. You will get 10 points for a comment, 20 points for a comment with image, and you will get 5 more points if you value the size. If your post is selected as a featured piece by shein editors, you will earn a bonus of 50 points.

Lastly, one time when shipping was a bit slower than usual they sent me 500 shein points without me having to do anything at all. All user profiles can get a maximum of 2000 shein points daily from comments. Those are the top 5 tips i use each and every time when shopping on

This is the best way of buying as it will give you an idea of the size that will be ideal for you as well as give comparison points to check how much size up or down you need. Those 500 shein points got me $5 off an order, so i thought that was pretty kind of them, especially because when they sent the points, i wasn't even thinking about how long the shipping was taking. If this post hasn’t scared you off and you insist on still buying from shein, here are my tips for having the best order experience:

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All user profiles can get a maximum of 8000 shein points daily. Learning how to level up in shein requires active participation on the part of the user to earn points and coupons in order to buy as cheaply as possible and buy as many times as possible with the highest ticket to move up from one level to the next and reach level 3 or vip service level. Use a credit card to shop so you can get your order refunded by the credit card if anything goes wrong with shein and their customer service doesn’t help you.

You also earn shein points with every purchase and extra points for leaving reviews. It is not entirely bad to purchase affordable clothes from shein, because it actually does more good than thinking about the bad side. These points are equivalent to dollars that will be applied as a discount on your purchase.

Tips to buy the best shein jeans for a perfect fit. By buying shein gift cards you will also get discounts on your purchase. Each garment has its own detailed measurements.

“firstly, what i notice with the response from shein with regards to the reviews shein is very selective with their response. All of this ultimately creates a cycle of constant buying, which makes shein all those billions of dollars. I’d definitely take this route over emailing their support, it’s a way quicker method of communication.

Earning points may seem to be a burden, but it’s much easier thanks to the bonus points program. Points can be achieved with different actions in the shein app that are really quick and easy to do. The points can be redeemed as discounts on future orders.

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It is great that a big company like shein still lives up to its promise which is to give accessible fashion to all men and women across the world. Below are some tips and tricks to earn shein points for free, without buying. Use the platform to register as a normal user.

Commented on products you have bought you will also get points. Participate in show contests and posts based on the given theme.

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How To Get Shein Points Without Buying

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