How To Get Comfortable With A Kidney Stent


The stent is mounted over a deflated balloon, which is attached to a thin All i do is work at the home depot, all the while, wishing i had a pain pill or two.

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Pretty tired and listless today.

How to get comfortable with a kidney stent. For more details on how to sleep with a kidney stent or if you feel discomfort while lying down, please consult your doctor. I have no life because of it. Mind you, ive had this one less than 24 hrs and have three times sat on the string attached from the stent to my leg n almost passed.

I had a big kidney stone wouldnt pass so they put a stent , that discofromt feels like a knife goi g up your bladder, i try resting my legs up or a pillow between my legs, for me i got the stent in first then the stone out through the back also had a cthater insife thst relivd so much pressure. I had too many laparoscopic surgeries performed on my large and small intestines because of acute ulcerative colitis. While your doctor ideally places a kidney stent to help you feel better, an estimated 80 percent of people report stents are uncomfortable.

Four days out from surgery. This may be especially true when trying to sleep. The stent acts like a scaffold to hold the vessel open so that adequate blood flow can be maintained.

Peeing much easier but still hurts in kidney and ureter. Now waiting on stent removial, four srugerys in a span of 2 months crazy, i head heating pads work I have had to get the stent replaced every 3 months.

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The patients need to ensure that they are comfortable as the sleeping pills make falling asleep with a kidney stent fairly easy. Making sleep easy and comfortable while having a kidney stent is not as easy as you pass through an extreme change. Always look for another urologist until you get one you are comfortable with and listens to you.

Ureters are the tubes that connect the kidneys to the bladder. A ureteral stent may not always be comfortable but, when compared to the pain and possible kidney damage caused by a ureteral blockage, the procedure offers a welcome. Making a few adjustments to your lifestyle will not only help you to lead a more comfortable life, but also hasten the healing process and help remove the renal disorder from your body for which you are using the kidney stent in the first place!

I have lived with uretural stent in my right kidney since 2012. How to get comfortable with a kidney stent. Making sleep easy and comfortable while having a kidney stent is not as easy as you pass through an extreme change.


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