How To Get A Popsocket Off Your Case

Do it gently and slowly until the popsocket comes off. If you take a popsocket off of your phone, it is bound to get dirty.

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Choose a new spot for your popsocket, on the same phone or on a new one.

How to get a popsocket off your case. The sticky gel adhesive at the back of the popsocket lets it attach to your smartphone or phone cover. After deciding on your ideal position, pull the adhesive sticker gently from one side expose the adhesive. Press the popsocket down firmly to let he adhesive part stick to the phone.

Fortunately, it will usually stick back on once you remove the debris getting in its way. It shouldn't have the 3m sticker, it should be a clear cover over the sticky part before removing it to apply. Work slowly and gently until the popsocket comes off.

You can match a fashion popsocket with your phone case or swap it our when you’re ready for a change. Go slow and be careful not to damage the sticky gel so you can reuse the popsocket later. This way, you create a lever to push away from the phone softly until the base disconnects.

Never try to remove it before you do that. There are endless ways to accessorize your phone using a popsocket because they come in a variety of colors and patterns. You and i can make a unique popsocket if we wanted to create one ourselves.

If your popsocket detaches from its base, do not worry as it is designed to detach. Carefully place the exposed adhesive to the desired spot. While you’re washing the base, clean off the rest of the popsocket as well.

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This is a fantastic option for you to get at such an affordable price. Work your fingernails under the base of the popsocket, then slowly peel the popsocket off of your phone. The adhesive used in this phone popsocket is of good quality;

Popsockets lets you create custom designs for your own popsockets, even if you’re not an influencer, don’t own a company, or not making them for a cause. Give your popsockets gel a quick rinse. Buy a pop socket mount from the company’s website.

Pull the popsocket off of your phone slowly. Detach the sticky base from the case, rinse it underwater, let it dry for not more than 15 minutes, choose a new spot on your phone and stick the popsocket. Popsocket mounts can be applied on the car dashboard, they are found in the accessories section on the website, you can also purchase the pop socket designated.

Use dental floss carefully run the dental floss underneath the popsocket to remove it from the phone case. Keep pressing down firmly on the popsocket for 15 seconds to make sure it attaches securely to. You should do the following:

With all these tips, you should be able to make your popsocket stick efficiently. If your fingernails won’t fit, try sliding a few inches of dental floss under the popsocket instead. It might be a good idea to stick popsocket to a cover, especially if you have bought a cheap stand.

5 out of 5 stars. Try peeling the popsocket off, starting from one side and pulling toward the other we currently split the workload with otterbox regarding otter+pop cases and malfunctions. Create your own otterbox case toad animal.

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Applying a popsocket on your phone is a simple process. And the ring is super easy to install, and you don’t have to worry about operating it. How do you get a popsocket to stick to a phone case?

Details about otterbox commuter series case for iphone xs. Glacier metallic diamond popsocket popsockets phone. When you’re ready to remove your popsocket from your phone, all you’ll need is a credit card, gift card, or i.d.

Calling the trend popsocket popsockets iphone cases. Keep rubbing at it, dampening the popsocket and your finger until the base is clean. Get free shipping today on orders over $149 a popsocket® sticks flat to the back of your phone, tablet or case with its rinsable, repositionable gel.

Get underneath the base using the nails on your fingers or any of the items listed above. Also take the case off of your phone before you try. Slide the floss straight down slowly until the popsocket is fully removed.

Popsockets are round plastic devices that you can attach to the back of your smartphone or flat phone case with a sticky adhesive. Once extended, the popsocket® becomes a media stand for your device, a photo or texting grip, or lower it for a video chat. If you like showing off your style, then you should get a fashion popsocket!

For more details, check how to remove popsocket from phone case. Applying a pop socket is quite simple, especially if you know what to do, the following steps below are exactly how a pop socket is usually applied. Diy phone case life hacks 30 phone diy projects.

It will firmly attach to the phone or its case. Grip the popsocket lightly as you pull. If you need to remove a popsocket from your phone, push down on the top of the popsocket to ensure it’s not expanded.

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Always go slow and do not force your popsocket off any surface. But part of the pop socket still sticks out a bit which means it will get caught on stuff. Also, before removing the covering of the popsocket, ensure you have tried it on the spot where you want to apply it to prevent unnecessary removal.

Carefully wedge your card under the popsocket to lift it off your phone case. Collapse the popsocket by pressing with your finger. I've reapplied mine several times.

The popsocket can be pulled out or “popped” to protrude from your phone and to give you a much better grip.

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How To Get A Popsocket Off Your Case

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