How To Freeze Spinach And Kale


Chop the spinach or greens and blanch them in the boiling water for a few minutes. Does spinach freeze well for smoothies?

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Pack blanched kale tightly into ice cube tray.

How to freeze spinach and kale. Can you freeze spinach for smoothies? Add in big handfuls of spinach. Chop kale into desired size.

Spinach will soften right way. How to freeze kale and other leafy greens. Wash your leaves and cut off any woody, tough stems.

But you can add a layer of thawed. Rinse and freeze your greens. Before freezing, keep in mind that about 2 cups of fresh greens equals about 1 cup of frozen greens.

While freezing can cause a small loss of nutrients, the loss isn’t. Best way to freeze kale and spinach. How to thaw frozen spinach.

One of the easiest ways to freeze spinach, kale, collard greens, chard, or any kind of leafy green is to steam it, blend it, and freeze it in cubes. Layer them into a casserole. Yes, i know we just said that too much water left on the leaves can increase the chance of frostbite, but this is different.

You can use the leafy green cubes in smoothies, soups, or stew. The two main ways to freeze kale, chard or spinach is either. Freeze spinach and kale into ice cubes.

How long does frozen kale last? If you are using the spinach to make a smoothie, soup, or add to a cooked dish such as a casserole or curry, you can add it straight from frozen without thawing. Remove as much air from bag as possible before sealing.

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They just won't taste a s good. In this video i share my 4 super easy tips and tricks for freezing kale, spinach, and greens so you. Rinse and freeze method is simply just washing your greens and adding them to freezer bags.

Each of these methods (detailed below) has its own set of benefits, and the decision may ultimately come down to how long you’d like your frozen greens to last in your freezer. Either way you choose to preserve them, stock up on the bags because you will need them if you are growing a number of these plants. In general, up to 9 months in a ziploc bag in an ordinary freezer, and 14 months in a deep freeze in a vacuum packed bag.

Kale and spinach can be frozen for smoothies. Cool kale in ice water bath, drain and pat dry. Frozen kale will slowly dry out in the freezer over time, causing the flavor and texture quality to decline.

Place ice cube tray in freezer for one to two hours then transfer frozen cubes to freezer bag. Bring a pot of water up to a boil. If frozen using my method, just add in frozen at this point.

Frozen spinach leaves will defrost quickly at room temperature or by submerging the sealed freezer bag in water. Use straw to remove as much air from freezer bag as possible. Either (2 cup raw or 1 cup frozen) is the recommended serving size.

Boil collard greens for 3 minutes. I suggest using freezer bags and pressing down the spinach in the bags to get all the air out so you don’t end up with freezer burn. Place the sheet in a freezer for 30 minutes to chill the greens before packaging to help them retain their shape during the packaging the spinach on a cookie sheet lined with parchment your rinsed kale in a large pot or covered pan on the stovetop.

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One relativity simple way to freeze spinach and kale is by perfectly portioning out pieces into ice trays and filling the remaining space with water to make it easier to get them out. Spinach, kale and chard all freeze wonderfully and can be used in smoothies, soups or other recipes (but not salads). Place spinach in ice cube tray.

Once frozen solid, remove from ice cube try into freezer bag. For best flavor and texture, i suggest trying to use your frozen kale within a few months. Cool immediately and drain well.

After you’ve blanched and cooled the greens in the ice water and drained them, give them a thorough squeeze to get as much water. You can puree spinach, kale, or other greens with water and freeze the mixture in cubes, for easy use in a green smoothie. Using a blender, puree the kale and spinach with water or milk until smooth.

After that, they greens won't make you sick; How to freeze kale, spinach, and greens? For kale, spinach, chard, mustard, beet or turnip greens, boil for 2 minutes.

Freeze kale for roughly 2 hours until firm, then remove from the freezer.

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