How To Floss With Braces Reddit

Please note that this sub is for patients, so you won't always find professional help here. Braces are expensive and they can be uncomfortable as well, so it is better to simply floss and brush teeth gently.

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Another side effect of flossing too rigorously is tooth decay or teeth sensitivity.

How to floss with braces reddit. If you are too forceful when removing the floss, you can damage your gums, resulting in bleeding, swelling, or irritation. Swollen gums with braces is a relatively normal reaction. They can be messy and take time to get used to.

I must have a cavity which has caused the floss to get caught and shredded. What if you wear braces. Dental floss picks helps to remove food debris and plaque with slim plastic toothpicks that are made with small.

Please read the rules before posting or commenting and check out the braces guide pinned at the top of the subreddit. The first day i was able to floss with a threaded, no problem. If you have dental work such as braces or bridges a spongy floss or electric flosser will work.

How to floss with permanent retainer reddit. Read the directions or watch the video below to learn how to keep your gums healthy by flossing. There's this brand called sturdyfloss which is the worst.

Find out how it compares to traditional flossing. I’m about to get my braces off and a permanent retainer was placed on my bottom teeth. They come in individual pieces with a built on threader on each one.

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Flossing too hard will make teeth weak even if you floss every day and take all other necessary steps for dental health. Your braces will shred any unwaxed floss. If this method does not work, then try gently moving the floss thread down and out across your tooth, like a gentle sawing motion.

Gargle with lukewarm salt water for relief. You can also try a different floss to see if it makes a difference in your floss becoming stuck. Choosing the best type of floss to use.

Whatever floss you pick, i would choose waxed over unwaxed. After reading through numerous opinions it becomes clear that some experts stick to what they have been taught. Thread the floss behind the wire and gently glide the floss in between the teeth.

Water flossers provide some additional benefits over traditional dental floss. My mouth is also small with tight teeth so i found them more awkward to use than regular floss. However, a permanent retainer or surgery might be necessary to fix severe problems.

For areas between braces and gums, tilt the brush toward the gum line (down for the bottom teeth, up for the top) while keeping up the circular motions. An orthodontic flosser is the easiest, quickest way to floss with braces. One end of the floss is stiff to help you thread it under your wire.

But if your symptoms are persistent or worsening, it might be a sign of something more. After an appropriate amount of time, your orthodontist will inform you that nighttime wear will be sufficient to maintain the stability of your teeth. G.u.m orthodontic floss in 2020 braces tips.

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Floss threaders make it easier to. A support group for questions and discussion on the topic of braces! Immediately after getting the braces removed, you have to wear it all the time for a couple of months.

Many dental specialists and even orthodontists will recommend you to have a go at a floss threader prior to trying anything else. There's a lot of pressure on my teeth and even with the superfloss, it's really hard to get the floss in between my teeth. Turns out that flossing with braces is one hell of a challenge.

You can also try platypus flossers. As hard as i pull down to get the glide floss through, it won't go. Using a piece of dental floss about 14 to 18 inches long, thread one end of the floss through the loop, leaving one side about half as long as the other, then begin flossing as directed by your dentist.

A floss threader will make the interaction simpler for you and it will permit the patient to go the floss through the teeth without squeezing the sections or wires. Makes threading it under the wires much easier. Superfloss is special floss for braces that we will provide you with.

To floss with braces, begin by threading the floss through each gap behind the wire of your braces, making sure not to pull on the wire with the floss. How to brush and floss with lingual braces. Please read the rules before posting or commenting and check out the braces guide pinned at the top of the subreddit.

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Another option if you have dental work is using a floss threader. Please note that this sub is for patients, so you won't always find professional help here. A cheap and easy way to clean your hawley retainer is by soaking it in baking soda water.

Try using oral b super floss. Braces and other orthodontic appliances can cause floss to shred, and also make it difficult to reach the nooks and crannies of teeth that require flossing. When you go to floss, all you have to do is take about 24 inches of floss and thread it through the collapsible eye of the floss threader.

Steps to using a floss threader with braces. I just bought some 'glide' floss which doesn't shred and is supposed to be good for crowded teeth (and thus removing the shredded floss) but the shredded floss is blocking the space. When i got my braces, my doc instructed me to get superfloss and floss once every day.

These are floss picks designed so that one end is flat enough to slip under the wire. A support group for questions and discussion on the topic of braces! Finally, finish up by carefully brushing the back surfaces of the teeth the same way you did.

Personally, i never liked floss picks even when i didn't have braces.

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How To Floss With Braces Reddit

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