How To Find Your Deity Tarot

So far, i’ve used it for artemis, hades, hecate, and selene and it’s been really interesting. The larger reason was because the tarot spread was old.

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Tarot & oracle decks for working with gods and goddesses.

How to find your deity tarot. The deity identification spread was published in 2013. After choosing your patron deity, the next step is to do extensive research on them. How to find your deity tarot.

Card two is one of the qualities/traits associated with them. You can even create a space in your home for the deity with photos, offerings, candles, etc. You are not lacking if you cannot believe in man’s creations.

The deities, gods and goddesses listed in the article along the major arcanas, belong to more than one. As i said, you can use any card you feel represents your deity to accomplish either of the techniques above. You are not lacking if you cannot find a deity.

Beause god would never use these menas to talk to people and he even warned people never to turn to the cards / fortune tellers m. I tend to read this as a more “negative” trait. This is how i found my patron goddess in carmen boulter’s angels and archetypes.

For deity readings, i use the beautiful and inspiring white numen sacred ani… #corespirit #wellbeing #wellness #mindfulness #health #knowledge Find out as much as you can historically and in modern terms how to work with the deity, what they prefer for offerings, their mythologies and stories, etc. The short spread doesn’t have a lot of exposition.

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With your deity, we'll check in on how they think everything is going, what they'd like you to work on next, what they can help you with, how to best honor or serve them. These tarot and oracle decks were created with the specific purpose of deity work. How can you know this for sure?

By this point, you probably have a rough idea of the traits you associate with and have chosen a pantheon of gods. However, there are decks i’ve found more useful for deity work than others. Familiarity with your god or goddess can help you navigate life choices and rough roads.find out what god and goddess your ancient ancestors worshiped and learn how you can begin to work with these deities in your practice!find your god and goddess:for example, hades and loki are both associated with crows.

Again, your source of power is you, focus on your innate power and learning to utilize it and worry about the deity thing second. Are you sensing that your deity has a message for you, but you're not sure what it is? That digit is your life path number.

This intuitive tarot reading asks your deity what they want you to know or to do right now. This intuitive tarot reading is like going out for lunch with your best friend. Also, sometimes they will have more than one card for the first question.

If and when you find a deity that interests you, do a deep dive into researching them. Learn about the cultures they come from. It doesn’t hurt to check in, whether you’re new to it or have only been doing it for a fair time.

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Which deities are attached to your path of life? In addition to a vision, you might have an experience in which symbols of this god or goddess appear randomly in your daily life. Used for identifying deities to work with.

You will find in this article the list of deities, gods and goddessses associated to your fifth arcana within your tarot chart sequence, which represents your supportive deity, the one you invoke, call upon for support when you need help. At least by internet standards. This is not the entire list.

Add up the numbers in your birthdate until you get a single digit. So, this spread is for those of you who want to see how things are goin!enjoy lovelies The important part of this step is to now look deeply into the origins of your patron deity (origins meaning culture that the deity comes from.).

Card one is the deity — this is the equivalent to the first card in the deity communication spread. 3/22/1987 >>>> 3 + 2 + 2 + 1 + 9 + 8 + 7. This article will reveal a couple deities that resonate to your life path number using the system outlined in the book.

In my #1 bestselling book, deity linkage manual: Something that might seem scary or intimidating. You don’t have to guess, he/the demon, will tell you, but he is a demon, for certain.

How to find your gods & goddesses using numerology , we showed how you can use four numbers in your numerology blueprint to link with deities. For the deity prior to the tarot reading. Learn about their myths and folklore.

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There are topics you always check in on, and you'll ask each other questions about your lives. As the ruler of niflheim and goddess of the dead, it only seems to right.

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How To Find Your Deity Tarot

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