How To Find A Stud In The Porch Ceiling

Sounds like you may have a plaster ceiling. Which one do you have now?

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I have a stud finder, i've used a hammer pounding all over the ceiling.

How to find a stud in the porch ceiling. If the sound is not hollow. You keep poking holes in your ceiling until you find the stud. Finding joists in porch ceiling for install a wood plank ceiling extreme why beadboard on the ceiling is nothing building a porch roof framing.

Have got to say, you would need to get a ladder and go up and inspect the ceiling really careful to find the three holes i have put up there so i don't know if your landlord would spot them or not. Locate which direction the joists are running. I am trying to find the ceiling studs to hang a pot rack.

I've stuck nails in all over where i'm guessing studs would be (1.5' and 2' away from the wall). How to find a beam in the ceiling without stud finder. Remove a light fixture and locate the joist with a coffee stir stick.

Mark the edges of the stud to find the center mark the edge point with a pencil on the wall then move the stud finder to the other side of the stud. You move the magnet across your ceiling until the. I'm having a terrible time finding the ceiling joists.

There might also be a bit of a gap around the electrical box for that ceiling fixture. Or you have to measure 24 inches to find the stud. The easiest way to locate your ceiling joists is by using a stud finder.

Fl>>thick enough to support the swing). The joists are the strongest part of your porch ceiling and they can handle the weight of the swing plus the additional weight of its passengers. They seem like a better choice than toggle bolts that could rip out from the sheet rock by a heavy plant.

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How to find stud in porch ceiling. Knock along the wall near where you think a stud might be located. I have the magnets and have found one length from the outside wall to the inside wall where the magnets stick.

Joist holders, nails and other key ceiling elements are made from metal. Or the box might be nailed right to a ceiling joist. Get a better stud finder.

A stud finder wont work then. But if you don’t have one, here are some techniques that you can try. When it lights up, it has reached the edge of a joist.

A stud finder is the easiest way to locate studs on your ceiling from which you can hang your porch swing. If it doesn't find a joist, measure 24 inches from the wall and try that area instead. Run the stud finder over the ceiling in that area.

Out on our front porch we'd like to hang a swing, but i can't figure out where any of the joists are underneath the wood paneling. Remember, any holes you put in your walls will have to be repaired if they are not covered by the swing hardware: Fl>>entire width of the porch.

If you loosened the light fixture (after having turned off the circuit breaker for it, back at breaker panel) you might be able to get a look in there. “knock” or “tap” on the ceiling where the joist is supposed to be. If you're right, you've found your stud or ceiling joist.

I cannot find another one. Install a wood plank ceiling extreme how to. Finding joists in porch ceiling for plant hooks.

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Use a stud finder if you love any excuse to use a tool or gadget, then a stud finder may be your preferred method of locating a stud or ceiling joist. How to locate a ceiling joist. Magnetic stud detectors find studs and joists by detecting the nails in them.

Fl>>anything else that would point to the exact location of the studs. Stud finders sense changes in density as they predict a joist location. You will hear the knock become higher pitched and sound less hollow once you’ve found a stud.

Outlet boxes and light switch boxes are usually affixed to a stud on one side. I can’t seem to find any evidence of nails or. You should be able to find the stud using a magnet, tape measure and a nail and hammer.

How do you find studs to hang a porch swing? The areas between joists will produce a hollow, resonant sound, while the joists will produce a. Make note of where the center of the joist (or stud) is.

Extend the tape measure out 24 inches if you did not find a joist 16 inches from the wall/ceiling corner. Fl>>tried to use a stud finder but the wood slats are too thick (but not. Find these boxes and you can be sure there’s a stud nearby.

The ceiling fan has to be hanging from something, but i can't find anything anywhere close to it. Hope you manage to get it up soon. Run a stud finder perpendicular to the direction of the joists until it indicates that you have found one.

If you don't have a stud finder or earth magnets, knock on the ceiling with your knuckles. Shelly lighting october 14, 2018. I can't find any nails or screws of any sort and my stud finder isn't working on this (presumably because the paneling is wood as well).

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Locating them is often straightforward, and the methods for finding them are the same whether the ceiling is in the house, the garage or even on a covered porch. The first step to hanging a porch swing is to locate the ceiling joists where your swing will be hung from. I have tried a nail in the ceiling about 16 inches away from the magnet and nothing.

You can also use earth magnets to find the location of the screws in the studs. If you're wrong, you'll have a small hole to patch.

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How To Find A Stud In The Porch Ceiling

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