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You can also use a plastic cup if you are clumsy and know you are going to drop the glass. I like four roses single barrel in all forms, despite it being 50%.

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Next, i grabbed some basic bourbons:

How to drink bourbon reddit. Try different brands and different varieties of whisky if you find bourbon isn't your thing. You do not want to take a shot sized amount of bourbon with each sip. I always drink eagle rare neat though, despite it being 45%.

Allowing the ethanol to escape will lead to a better drinking experience and the ability to detect and enjoy more of the pleasurable smells and tastes. Well put it in your belly however you can. Originally posted by iutoslu conne's favorite recipe:

Our bourbons won’t judge you. Bourbon is america's native spirit — as actually declared by an act of congress in 1964. However you enjoy drinking bourbon is the right way to drink bourbon—an ice cube, a splash of water, or neat.

Just bourbon in a glass. You may not drink bourbon out of a boot no matter how. No matter how rich you are, or how much of a whisky snob you are, wasting whisky is an absolutely awful act.

Jim beam 7th generation master distiller fred noe takes us on a colorful and entertaining video journey on how to drink bourbon the proper way using ‘the kentucky chew’. The online community is one of the biggest forces behind bourbon growth. This is where people go to learn more, ask questions, make connections, and find new and interesting bourbons to try.

In order for the drink to be considered bourbon, it must be distilled anywhere in the u.s., although 95 percent is made in kentucky (via fresh mag).while the name is thought to be inspired by a former county in kentucky, historian michael veach told smithsonian magazine that the spirit could have been. A common controversy among bourbon conversationalists is how to drink it. Reddit has been a platform for those conversations for a long long time.

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Now this jim beam i'm ready to slam. I want to drink bourbon said sam_iam. The drink is the creation of the bourbon blog’s tom fischer and louisville mixologist steven dennison.

Muddle the strawberry in the bottom of a cocktail shaker. The combination of it being cold / diluted with water helps mellow out the taste and ease the burn. Over ice ice will chill the bourbon and add a bit of water as the ice melts.

I'll drink it from glasses. While i tend to enjoy whiskey as its own beverage, every once in a while it’s certainly fun to add additional flavors to the mix. Find out how you like each bourbon and enjoy it however you like.

Neat means bourbon at room temperature. Comparing and contrasting, and only drinking when i had the time and desire to concentrate on what i was experiencing. But seriously, try taking very small sips of it by itself or on the rocks.

Pour a glass of neat. It’s what cognac is to france, or baijiu to china, or soju to’s made across the country (most famously, but not exclusively, in kentucky) and inspires musicians to write songs and rich people to pay thousands of dollars for a single bottle. Pour bourbon into a glass.

Let your tongue chew on the flavor for a few seconds, and then breathe out through your nose and mouth together to get the full flavor. I get it now said sam_iam. Bulleit, makers mark, and wild turkey 101, and repeated the same process above;

In the video, fred explains how his dad, booker noe taught him long ago how to truly enjoy a bourbon and he’s been sharing the gospel ever since. Which is why you’ll find the beer, bourbon, and barbecue cocktail to be one of the most underrated whiskey cocktails out there. However is fine so long as it passes your lips, be wary of the bourbons aged on ships.

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First things first, there's no *wrong* way to drink bourbon, up to and (maybe) including anal insertion (but be super careful!) that said, the classic tasting fashion has a couple of parameters. Usually, if its something i'm not saving, it will take me about a week to. My own personal recipe that i use at home:

Strain over fresh ice in a tall glass. Bourbon is without a doubt the liquor most associated with the us. Let it roll across the tongue, and swallow it.

Take a sip of the bourbon. It should have only one hole at the top and none in the rest. The annual beer, bourbon, and barbecue festivals prove that the these three things are great together, but even better when we combine the trio into a single glass.

Add bourbon, lemon, ginger syrup, and bitters, and shake for six to eight seconds. My favorite cocktail, without a doubt, is the manhattan. The answer is there is no “right” way to drink bourbon, but rather drink it the way you enjoy it… and depending on the day or the atmosphere, that can change.

The 4 main ways to drink bourbon 1. This will concentrate the aromas from the spirit and aim it at. Many argue this is the proper way to drink bourbon because it’s the best way to taste and appreciate the bold, aromatic, smoky flavors created during the prod uction process.

Too woody for cocktails but really nice neat. Assuming you have a sense of smell, you should be drinking from a tulip shaped glass. Most importantly, though, the spirit is a drink to enjoy for a simple.

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One or two ice cubes, or even better a. I personally have between a finger and half a bottle depending on my day. I think it depends a lot on which bourbon it is.

Pours the whisky, then trashes it on the floor, then fills it up again. You can also use this technique: If you are not used to drinking liquor, be prepared for.

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