How To Draw A Whale For Kids


Draw the tail of the baleen whale, like a heart. Then draw the tail completely.

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Now add a small flipper near the bottom of the body.

How to draw a whale for kids. At the right edge of the curve draw < shaped lines just stretched towards the inside, a little more than the < symbol. 11 steps to draw a whale. Instantly access how to draw a whale plus over 40,000 of the best books & videos for kids.

Draw the outline of your body and your belly. You just need a red pen and a paper to start drawing a whale in next 2 minutes! Then draw an oval on the right side of the mouth as a fin.

Draw the head and narrow it towards the tail. Draw an oval eye, and an oval over the eye. Draw the outline of the whale.

We hope you've had fun with us. Below the mouth draw a small fin attaches to the lower body. Our printable template (you can grab it at the end of this drawing tutorial) sheet of paper

First draw a c to get the head of this sperm whale. Draw a wavy line to get the back of the baleen whale. It's been fun this week drawing ocean creatures.

Now add the lip line. Then we draw on the tail and abdomen of the fish. 2.draw its huge mouth, and draw three curves on it.

On the mouth, draw some curves down. From the left top corner, draw a small curve facing upwards. Then draw a dorsal fin at the top.

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On the right side of your paper, draw two curved lines adjacent to each other with a pointy top and an open end. 1.first draw the body of a whale. Print copies of our printable drawing template with guided drawing and have the kids build their drawing confidence.

How to draw a whale? From from the first curve, extend a small curvy line. This one looks like he’s about to jump out of the water.

Then draw the body and abdomen. When you need to learn how to draw a whale, and you’d like it to be pretty easy, try this whale out for size. With this being one of the easiest whale drawing tutorials ever it is perfect to use in preschool and kindergarten classroom.

Draw a little box on top, erasing the overlapping lines. Draw a big curvy quadrilateral shape. The images above represents how your finished drawing is going to look and the steps involved.

Learn how to draw a humpback whale with this easy step by step tutorial. Draw a couple of fins, front and back. Start drawing the bottom of the body of the whale.

Draw details on its tail and body to make it look real. Let’s learn how to draw a whale for kidsthough this is not a step by step whale drawing tutorial but i tried my level best to explain this drawing in simple. It’s shaped rather like the sperm whale, with the blunt head, but the rest is pure cartoon fun.

Draw an eye of the whale. Draw a smile under your eye, and then draw the spray from the top. When children are really young and just learning about the world around them and how to draw it, a whale can be a whale.

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Then draw the an eye and tail. How to draw a whale for kids. Draw a curved shape for the whale’s body, incorporating its tail.

Draw a large hill shaped curve tilted towards right to show the upper outline of the body of whale. It is like a part of an egg. 2.draw its abdomen with a wavy line.

At the back and top of the tail draw 2 deep curved lines and draw a pointed wing shape depicting the fins. Repeat the step but draw the curve lines on the opposite side facing the opposite direction to form the tail. Draw two fins at the bottom, as shown above.

4.color it, the cute whale is finished. Then draw part of the tail. Erase the overlapping line of the front one.

Draw the end of the tail. Extend its mouth and draw its eyes. It's friday, so be sure to post all of your art to the.

How to draw a whale! The smiling mouth and cute eye add a fun finishing touch. Draw 2 small curves in front center of the whale depicting the mouth, and draw multiple lines on the lower body of the whale.

Kids, learn how to draw the whale by following the steps below. Now from the left bottom, draw an another extended curvy line. « how to draw a blue whale step by step for kids » how to simply draw a whale step by step for kids.

To depict the shape of a whale, first, draw a large semicircle, and on the right side a small curved tail.

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