How To Deep Condition 4c Hair Reddit

How to keep 4c hair moisturized without protective styles every day i do the lco method and i sleep with a satin bonnet but whenever i wake up my hair manages to be dry again. Even if you chose to cut corners, always make sure to deep condition.

My Deep Condition Routine extremely dry 4c hair

You see, deep conditioners can be expensive.

How to deep condition 4c hair reddit. As a result, you’ll be able to reduce breakage and grow long natural 4c hair fast. Low, medium, and high are different degrees of porosity. Washing your hair more than once or twice a week may be too often.

4c hair has the tightest curls of all hair patterns, with hairs forming tight s shapes. After you have coated your natural hair thoroughly with the deep conditioner, cover it up with a shower cap, and allow it to sit for about 30 minutes. 4c hair benefits from olive oil because of its intense moisturizing property.

I deep condition every week and co wash. Curl junkie beauticurls argan olive oil daily hair conditioner. The oil coats and protects the hair shaft from breakage and heat damage.

A thing to note is that even though 4c hair might appear strong due to its unruly nature, it is the weakest and more prone to breakage. I also have a hot head deep conditioning cap and i love it for deep conditioning, that might help products penetrate better. To avoid this, you’ll need to do a deep conditioning treatment every time your hair is cleansed so that moisture is restored back into your hair.

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Sadly, reverse has been the case. Porosity is your hair’s ability to absorb and retain moisture, oils, or chemicals like color. I have to confess that i have not been treating my hair very well.

Curl junkie curl assurance smoothing conditioner. January deep condition and diy protective style. Type 4c hair has tight ‘z’ curls, which makes natural oils from the skin to travel slowly to the hair shaft, leaving the hair dry and prone to damage.

Frizzy, dry, unmanageable natural hair is a condition that affects many women with afro textured hair, especially those with 4c hair. 30 day hair growth challenge on 4c hair. Here’s how you can use rice water in your 4c hair growth regimen.

Deep condition every single time you wash your natural hair. Some of the most popular ones cost over $30 for a regular 8 oz. Deep condition 4c hair to retain moisture.

My hair is 4b/4c and i love spraying my hair down with a mix of aloe vera, oil and water before i use a moisturizer. First our hair is naturally frizzy that never will stop as long as you have hair. Add the deep conditioner to your hair in sections, finger detangling during the process.

You should deep condition after every wash but for some that is a huge time commitment and it may not be necessary. It works really well to keep my hair hydrated! Find out how to make as well.

It is a major step in 4c hair care that provides the balance of protein and moisture your 4c hair needs. Don't worry so much about tangles 4c hair is never 100 percent detangled unless you heat or chemical straighten it. In this video (part 1) i will be showing you how i water wash and deep condition my 4c natural hair.

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If you want to know how i wash my natural hair after a deep conditioning treatment, visit the article how to wash natural hair. Focus on establishing a routine and low manipulation so, you can retain length. This will keep your hair healthy, bouncy, and shiny, and will prevent snagging and tangles.

When choosing the best products to use on 4c natural hair, it is wise to pick those that moisturise and help you manage your hair by taming frizz effectively. If your hair is damage you need to deep condition weekly. The stylist asked me whether i deep condition my hair as part of my regular routine, and i was a little embarrassed to admit that i don’t do it nearly as much as i should.

The foundation of 4c hair is moisture so our first tip is deep condition. After making your rice water, pour it into an applicator bottle for easy application. Cantu shea butter natural hair deep treatment masque.

You'd think that the cold and dry weather would have me pampering my mane. While we recommend most customers deep condition every 2 weeks, 4c hair, in particular, thrives with weekly deep conditioning treatments.

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How To Deep Condition 4c Hair Reddit

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