How To Cut Hardie Board Planks

Smooth cut edges with wood rasp. The hardi blade only has four teeth.

How To Install Hardie Siding Around Windows Blue Jay Exterior Renovations

It kept the dust down fairly well.

How to cut hardie board planks. 1 litre / 500ml cans. I used one of those pcd blades and connected my shop vac to the base of my table saw. Make sure to go slower than with a normal blade and wood;

You can use a normal diamond saw blade to cut the siding. Hardieblade® saw blade can also be used as the preferred cutting method. Use a 4 foot level to check, and then hammer in another nail.

For long, straight sections, the recommended method for cutting hardiebacker board (or any cement backing board for that matter) is the score and snap method. Hardieplank can last longer than that, especially if painted and properly maintained. For a slow but virtually dustless way to cut siding use power shears.

I also talk a little about getting prepp. This blade is mainly built to cut hardie sidings and boards. First of all, install the hardie blade saw in the power tool that you are using.

How to cut hardie board siding. Place your hardiebacker cement board on a flat surface and mark your cuts with a straight edge. How to cut hardie board.

Caulking the crack will help prevent water and other elements from going past the patch and behind the planks, which would cause further damage. To remove and replace damaged siding. Align the board against the guard as needed and slowly but firmly make the cut.

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A diamond tipped saw blade producing low levels of dust. Available in 160mm, 190mm, 254mm or 305mm diametres. This blade is specifically designed to cut all of the james hardi cement fiber board products.

A very simple way to cut hardie siding is the score and break method. How do you install a 4×8 sheet of hardie board? Cut the trim board with the saw.

Setting up your cutting station correctly is just as important as selecting the right tools. Score along your straight edge, applying firm pressure as you go. Many a time people ask for the best.

Also, how do you fix hardie board? There are plenty of ways to cut hardie board efficiently. If you’re replacing more than one board in a run, simply hammer a nail into the top corner to support it and then move half way down the board.

If you’d rather have a team do it for you, get in touch with us today. Well, the most important activity connected with the instillation of a hardie board is the actual process of cutting it. Using a utility knife you can score several times in both directions the line you want to cut.

Depending on the tool and the type of hardie board, you may go. James hardie has collaborated with a number of installers to identify easy setups that are effective, affordable and will help you meet osha’s compliance standards. Once the piece has been scored enough it will bend and break in a clean line.

Hardieguillotinetm cutting tool use as the preferred cutting method. Learn how to cut james hardie hardieplank siding products and ensure that you have the right tools for the job. Here i show that pretty much any blade will work for your circular saw to cut fiber cement.

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I take it that you are siding your house with hardi board, and now you are wondering about the trim. I have seen houses sided in hardi planks, trimmed out in wood trim. Installation of hardie boards can’t be termed as cumbersome or too technical to be handled by anyone, but it needs more of physical effort and energy.

How to cut hardie plank. Also question is, do you need a special blade to cut hardie board? James hardie warrants the material for 50 years.

To cut this type of siding, use a masonry blade. However, it will produce too much dust. Keep a firmer grip on the board than with regular wood.

The blades are designed to be used with most cutting tools The product can also be cut with a traditional diamond saw blade as well. I have ony worked with hardi board in sheet applictaions, so i can't answer your question directly.

Can you cut hardie board with a circular saw? Regarding this, can you cut hardie board with a utility knife? How do you remove hardie board?

Then hammer away on the rest of the board. I still tried to stay upwind and wore a mask or a respirator when cutting the sheets (i was using 4×8 and 4×10 sheets of the cement board). This may be something that you want to do.

Regular carbide blades will cut fiber cement, but they dull relatively quickly, and if you attempt a gang cut, the blades overheat and can warp. To learn how to hang hardie board siding so that it’s less likely to crack, we recommend contacting a roof professional. Having said that, here are a few tools you can use to cut a cement board:

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Having a helping hand is highly desirable and suggested. Here’s how to perform a straight cut on your hardiebacker cement board:

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