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How To Cut Galvanized Pipe With Sawzall

Wear goggles when cutting galvanized pipe with any tool, powered or manual. Sawzalls can basically cut through any metals.

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Of course, that’s not our first choice for this blade, but in a pinch…

How to cut galvanized pipe with sawzall. Lee (nj) trying to cut galvanized pipe on backside of bathroom wall. Since the pipe you wanted to cut off is still connected to the gas supply and after the piping is removed it will need to be capped off. For wood, use larger toothed blades.

Don't want blade to hit wall or the back of cement backing that tile is adhered to. The cast iron got really nasty at 4 and i went through five blades per pipe to cut all the way through. This blade not only tackles clean wood quickly—it can take on cast iron.

When using a metal pipe cutter, align the tool around the marked place on the galvanized pipe and rotate so that the wheel cuts deeper into the pipe. Mark the workpiece and line it up under the disk. A mission band will allow you to transition from the galvanized (durham) pipe into an easier to use plastic.

It really depends on the conditions, how much pipe you have to cut, how quickly you have to do it, etc…, but i would probably use the sawzall. Buy a good extreme metal blade at the same place. Cast iron snaps when under pressure.

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The best carbide sawzall blade for demo work uses an agressive 6 tpi design. Galvanized pipe is made of steel with a zinc coating to reduce corrosion and rust inside the pipe. You can also cut galvanized steel pipe with a hacksaw or an angle grinder.

#6 · jul 14, 2008. Can you cut metal pipe with a sawzall? Cutting galvanized pipe between studs.

You need one of the lenox gold recip blades. You can not assume that the valve works and have to open the end cap or a branch line before working on it. There's few varieties but any of the gold line should cut that pipe, or there's some specifically designed for cast although i believe those are more expensive.

To make easy work out of the task, the preferred choice is to use a reciprocating saw.known as the demolition saw, this is a powerful option that will make short work of the steel pipe. The teeth just kept dulling. It basically means that the sawzall move in a circular direction, allowing you to cut faster with less effort.

Much easier and safer than a torch. Aluminums, steels, copper, etc, can be cut with sawzall. No space for reciprocating saw blade to cut pipe clear to back.

Sawzall blades come in metal and wood cutting types. Lower the disk until you fully cut through the galvanized pipe. It finds special significance in water pipes and plumbing lines because it has the perfect tensile strength owing to its capability to work in freezing temperatures and high pressures.

A sawzall can very easily cut the pipe off where you want it. The term “orbital action” is normally used to define the cutting motion of the blade of the sawzall or reciprocating basically means that the sawzall move in a circular direction, allowing you to cut. The term “orbital action” is normally used to define the cutting motion of the blade of the sawzall or reciprocating saw.

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I am trying to preserve nice tile in bathroom. How to cut steel pipe with a sawzall handyman picks. You have a couple of different saw options when it comes to cutting a galvanized pipe.

Rent a sawzall from home depot for couple of hours. Use the square to check that the face of the disk is square off the pipe. Pick a tool for cutting.

Take a circular saw that is fitted with a 7 ¼ inch fiber blade to cut the galvanized sheet, still following the guidelines. My plumber advised a carbide grit blade for the 4 cast iron pipe, but i found it to be too slow. It lets you cut through a wide variety of materials.

A galvanized pipe is not as hard as cast iron and can be cut into pieces with the help of a reciprocating saw. Johannes, ratchet cutter is for cast iron. But, the dull blades still cut through galvanized steel without a problem.

If you’re working with a pipe in a tight space. Once you cut it, you’ll need to use a rounded file to sand down any burrs. I’ve worked in the pipe industry for 30 years now, and the most common commercially utilized solution is an abrasive saw (“chop saw”), but these create a lot of dirt, noise, heat, sparks, and stink.

It creates sparks and sends small shards of metal flying in all directions. Use an angle grinder only when there isn't room for another tool; Received 56 votes on 52 posts.

I would use an 18 to 24 tooth per inch blade for metal pipe. Handle the ends of the cut pipe with gloves.

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