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How To Clean Menstrual Cup While Traveling

Reinsert, rinse your hands again, and you’re good to go! A menstrual cup is the essential travel companion.

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How to clean your menstrual cup before/after your period:

How to clean menstrual cup while traveling. In this case, bring bottled water with you to rinse off the menstrual cup. Rinse your menstrual cup with water before reinserting it again with sanitized hands. It’s simply miraculous how well peroxide soaks work on stained menstrual cups or discs.

Whatever i’m doing, any sort of sports activity, swimming, or just sitting around, i actually feel much better traveling with a. Don’t forget to put the dirt back into the cat hole. Another option to use to clean them while traveling is always to have an empty small cup to clean in any bathroom.

If you want to see your cup return to its lighter color you can do a hydrogen peroxide soak. Sometimes, if you’re in the backcountry, this means just rinsing it out with some water. Clean your menstrual cup with a steamer.

Grab the stem, and gently pull the cup down. How to clean the menstrual cup while you are traveling. Cleaning your menstrual cup during travel.

5 top reasons to travel with a menstrual cup. Failure to keep your cups clean and sanitized is a recipe for disaster. There is no reason that you have to remove stains.

After each cycle, give it a proper clean and store safely until your next period. How to clean menstrual cup while traveling traveling can put some pressure on your cup, but that’s also exactly when you want to use it for the convenience and eco factor. Using any type of cleanser with extra ingredients could impact your ph levels, cause irritation, and potentially create more waste.

When you’re using a menstrual cup, you should change and rinse it at least every 12 hours to avoid unforeseen health issues, such as toxic shock syndrome (tss). Before using the menstrual cup you must sterilize the cup in boiling water. Sterilize your menstrual cup with 5ml of purified water, no need for nasty chemicals.

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Use your pelvic muscles to push down the menstrual cup. It might move up a little, but it can’t get stuck. Many women worry about keeping their menstrual cup clean while traveling.

Final thoughts on how to travel with a menstrual cup. Keep a bottle of water in your bag. You should periodically clean the suction holes of your cup by filling it with water and squeezing it from the top down.

Menstrual cups, overall, are quite safe. I suggest you buy these since most of those menstrual cup cleaners are travel size friendly. The divacup is a reusable menstrual cup that takes the place of tampons and pads during your period.

Simply hold your cup over the toilet and rinse it off, then reinsert. Sterilizing your menstrual cup could not be any simpler!. This removes any infections or bacteria present in the cup.

Simply find the base of the cup, try to push down with your muscles down there, and pinch in the cup a little (breaking the vacuum) and gently take it out. Hotels, air bnb’s, and family or friends can have varying styles of soaps available (most hotels only provide french milled bar soaps) so you may want to pack your own soap of choice for cup cleansing in a tsa approved travel bottle for when you’re emptying and washing in. It’s a good thing to know that a cup cannot get stuck.

Blood, cells and tissue shedding is a breeding ground for bacteria, yeast and other creepy crawlies…and no. Washing the cup with soap is not necessary. Find a quiet spot to remove and empty your ruby cup.

If your cup has air holes, keep them clear to form a proper seal. How to clean your menstrual cup during your period: Just add water, place your cup, press the button, and you’re good to go.

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Clean your menstrual cup by dumping out the contents in the toilet or the sink, then rinse the cup with warm water and use specially formulated june cup wash, or a mild, unscented soap. Soap (divawash) we recommend using the divawash to clean your menstrual cup. How to clean a menstrual cup while travelling removing the cup.

Wash the menstrual cup thoroughly. Here are some quick tips to help you through your period travel days. You need to wash the exterior vaginal area to keep the area squeaky clean before using a menstrual cup.

Menstrual cups are flexible, reusable cups that can be inserted and removed throughout the day. Do not pee on your cup to rinse it off! Keep some water with you to clean your hands before and after emptying your menstrual cup.

However, it is important to use simple sanitary practices when using your cups. As i mentioned before, there are a few brands that include menstrual cup cleaners. It really is the best thing for you and an essential for in your suitcase when traveling!

I normally put my menstrual cup in a bigger clear bag with other stuff and they do not touch it. No matter where you are (home or travelling) remember to only use potable (safe to drink) water when cleaning your menstrual cup. Pack tea for nausea and cramping.

Meanwhile, between periods, it is healthy to. If you don’t have a sink or a carry cup handy, you can rinse off your cup with a bottle of water. Rinsing with water is the best way to clean a menstrual cup.

You don’t actually have to “clean” the cup every time you empty it. This was suggested on one of our videos. Clean the menstrual cup as well as possible (see below).

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It’s small and packs well; Then, grab the base and break the seal by gently pinching with your fingers.

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