How To Clean A Hot Tub Before Filling


Give it a good stir or shake to make sure everything is evenly distributed. Fill the hot tub with water again and add a special flushing solution to the water.

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After 15 minutes, carefully wipe down your liner with a spa cleaning mitt.

How to clean a hot tub before filling. Draining the water does two things: Ozonators, ionizators and uv systems also reduce the need to use as many harsh chemicals and if you shower before entering the hot tub and change the water frequently you will need to use less. After draining your hot tub, use a clean soft cloth to wipe the shell and filter compartment down.

Do not use a brush or anything too abrasive on filters. How to properly drain and refill your hot tub. Make sure a breaker is still off.

(you may need to repeat the process with a spa cleaning brush if the stains aren’t fully removed.) once your liner is clean, rinse it thoroughly with water before you refill your spa. Ensure you create an airlock with the hose; You want to make sure your spa is clean before putting in the water.

It allows you to add in fresh water, which will improve the feel of the water and give you a better bathing experience. Before you begin draining your hot tub water, it is a good idea to use a whirlpool rinse to clean and degrease your hot tubs internal plumbing and prevent calcium build up which can affect the performance of your hot tub. Clear out the hot tub entirely;

Follow the instructions in your owner’s manual when draining and refilling. Just follow the steps listed above. Then follow the how to drain a hot tub procedure above.

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This will flush out all of the accumulated gunk from inside the hot tub’s pipework into the water. Stick the end of the hose into the filter compartment. Once your hot tub is empty, it’s time to go in with a soft cloth and cleaner.

If your filters are new, spray them with water from your garden hose, wipe them with hot tub cleaner and rinse clean. If you’re cleaning your hot tub shell, drain your tub first. If you’re using a spray bottle, spray your hot tub shell or.

How to refill your hot tub. Turn your jets on full. Before you fill your new spa, wipe down the surface.

Generously spray the waterline of your hot tub and let the solution work its magic. Run the jest for the amount of time that it says on the instructions. Pour the suggested amount of pipe cleaner into the filter housing.

Before you begin filling your hot tub. Your hot tub will stay naturally cleaner if you filter the water before filling it, you can also use mineral sanitizers or a saltwater sanitization system which is more natural. Simply add 250ml of whirlpool rinse to your hot tub water, remove your filters & headrests (pillows) before adding whirlpool rinse, run the jets (pumps) for up to.

By now, your hot tub should be squeaky clean! Before you refill your hot tub, be sure to close the drains and break out your hose. It’s the equivalent of sanding a car.

Once the hot tub is filled with water, detach the hose. Remove your hot tub filters. While the water is still hot, add 250ml (half a bottle) of whirlpool rinse.

Remove the filter and/or filter cartridge; Remove your hot tub's filters. If your hot tub has diverter valves, turn them to the centre.

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Rather than giving a deeper clean, they can damage or scratch the hot tub shell, while taking off the sheen. When the hot tub is empty, turn off the pump, remove it from the spa, detach the hose, and return it to storage. Be sure to use a cleaner designed for acrylic to clean the hot tub shell, jet, and other controls.

Filling your hot tub for the first time. A clean hot tub is key to clean, clear water. Check jets (must be open).

Once the water is drained, you can easily inspect and wash the shell’s interior, and remove and clean your spa filters before refilling it. Be wary of aggressive or coarse cleaners. Also, make sure that your breaker is off too.

The most basic and effective way to clean your hot tub is by draining out all of the water, cleaning the surface of the hot tub, then refilling it. How to refill a hot tub in 10 steps; Turn the spa breaker on.

Turn your hot tub's waterfall on. Remove your hot tub's head rests. As long as you adhere to them closely, you'll be fine.

Sponge and gentle cleanser for wiping down the inside of your hot tub. To ensure clean and fresh water, use a hose filter to remove any impurities that may affect your water chemistry and overall hot tub health. This is also why it makes sense to always shower before you get into your hot tub.

How to refill your hot tub. It’s almost time to take your first soak in your hot tub. Mix a solution of equal parts white vinegar and water in a bucket or spray bottle.

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