Take the knife with your other hand and then slice down between the thigh and the body. If you start carving too early, the juices from the bird will run all over the place and your turkey will dry out.

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How to carve a turkey youtube. Get the most meat and the prettiest presentation from your turkey. If you are preparing to carve in the kitchen, you can commence with a. As the skin is sliced, lower the hand holding the leg to the cutting board to help expose the thigh joint.

Cut down along one side using the curve of the breastbone as a guide. You’ll see how to locate and cut through the joints (not the bones), and you’ll discover a great technique for. Before carving the turkey, let it stand at room temperature for 20 to 30 minutes to allow the juices to saturate the meat;

Removing the wishbone will make the turkey breast much easier to carve. How to carve a turkey. There’s no need to worry about removing the wings, or if you should slice the drumsticks off the bones.

Gently pull the leg outward to. About press copyright contact us creators advertise developers terms privacy policy & safety how youtube works test new features press copyright contact us creators. Turkey carving is a messy job finest accomplished in the kitchen.

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In this video, you’ll see how to carve a thanksgiving turkey and get tips for arranging the meat for the most attractive presentation. Bend a wing to the side to expose the joint that connects it to the breast, then cut. First, allow your cooked turkey to sit for about 20 minutes before starting to carve.

With your carving knife, cut through the skin between the leg and the body of the bird. Make a cut in the skin between the leg and the breast, running your knife all the way. Pull the meat away from the bone as you cut.

Begin removing the legs from the turkey. Make a deep cut, crossways, beneath each breast, then cut all the way down into the turkey, either side of the breast bone. Here’s how to carve a turkey breast.

Beginning halfway up the breast, slice straight down with an even stroke. How to carve a turkey 03:29. How to carve a turkey — in text and pictures 1.

Cutting as close to the bone as possible, carve out the whole breast, pulling it away as you move the knife. Turkey carving made easy.share on facebook: Cut the wings off the breast.

Place the turkey breast side up on a carving board with a moat to catch the juices. Carve the leg and thigh: Remove the thigh and leg together.

Then transfer the turkey from the roasting pan or presentation platter to a carving board (use layers of paper towels or two clean kitchen towels. Use your free hand or a carving fork to pull one leg away from the body. Alton brown teaches the easiest way to carve, or deconstruct, your turkey.

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When it comes to carving, a turkey breast is easier to handle than a whole bird. When the knife reaches the cut above the wing joint, the slice should fall free on its own. Watch the video below to learn how to carve a turkey breast, and read along for a few bonus tips.

Repeat on the other side. After you take the turkey out of the oven, you want to let it rest for about 20 to 30 minutes before you start carving.

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